Friday, 2 June 2017

Bubble BB8

I was not expecting to get a picture today. This morning I was doing some interesting work figuring out how to use the TFS REST API to automatically do things based on the git pull requests over the last week. It's been seriously fun! A long way to go but I have a roadmap​ now :)

Then a trip to the DIY store for decorating supplies. That took an age as I have no idea what I'm doing!

And then the decorating. Silicone removed from the shower cubicle, letting it dry out so we can remove the limescale in the morning and re-silione it in the afternoon.

And... Decorating the downstairs toilet. Nothing too major, just paining the tiles more neutral colours and redoing the accents to bring it up to date.

But then! Playing in the garden with my other half and the little man with bubbles and caught this one against the sky...


  1. "... the TFS REST API to ...."

    Have you tried flushing the Warp Core and running a level 8 diagnostic? ;-)

    Oddly, after years of 'Waterfail' development, work is slowly coming to the idea of Agile. I do wonder what the final fit will be from management row. Particularly should our code teams continue on to DevOps. [ Dark laughter goes here :-) ]

    1. OK, third time lucky for replying!

      :) Though in recent days I have also been struggling with Angular 4 and TypeScript as well. Nice to code in, awful to debug when something goes wrong!

      I think the problem with management and agile is that you can't really introduce it as a grass roots thing. Without the support of management you will at best get a localised implementation in your team, which will then run up against all of the issues that you had previously when you try and reach outside of your team.

      On the other hand, if you get management involved you run the risk of it becoming a management thing, rather than a team thing. Then you get Agile, with a capitol A. Lots of money spent on BS, lots of bending definitions so that nothing much has to change, but you get bragging rights about being Agile. Meanwhile nothing much changes, the teams get demotivated, and at worst the management team then declare that it has failed as nothing has changed and use it as a stick for death march projects.

      I'm not cynical, honest... :)