Saturday, 27 April 2013

One comment can make make a whole (awful) day fantastic!

Really, a short post today!  Honest!

Whilst Tuesday to Thursday were great days, yesterday sucked.  A series of technical mishaps in the morning meant that I could have stayed in bed and achieved the same result. Never puts me in a good mood.

But...  In the company has arranged a pension advisor to spend some time with those that want to take a better look at their finances now and in the future and for 25 euros I thought it was a good idea.

So I went in, we discussed current plans and future plans, where my pension lies at the moment and what (if anything) should I do to prop it up (seeing as no one gives a final salary pension any more).

Anyway we got to the end and I asked to go through the yearly overview that is sent as it means nothing to me.

We started and immediately he noticed a problem on the paper work.

Him: Hmm..  We have to get this corrected, it says Mr.  I wonder how on earth that could have happened

Me: Err...  At the time when the report was made it was correct

Him: Oh, it used to say Mrs

Me: Err.....No, at the time it was made I was officially... (Not awkward at all :p )

[The penny drops - you could see it fall!]

Him: Oh!  Ohhhh...  Well, during the last hour I would not have guessed that at all! (Woot!) I really had no idea!

And my day was made even with all the crap with our servers :)


  1. Have you taken over from the person who used to be terrified to step out of the car to pay for parking? Whatever happened to that one?

    How could we have stared in the mirror for all those years and thought hat it could not work...?

    1. Thanks for that, it's good to stop and remember just how far along you've come once in a while. But yes, I do very well remember sitting in the car psyching my myself up to leave it and get the ticket! And forcing myself *not* to run so I was on the street less :)

      Staring at the mirror and not realising it could work? I think that comes from the fact that for years I never knew who the person in the mirror was. It still feels strange to actually have a connection with the reflection!


  2. I second what Caroline says. Where did Timid Stace go? lol (Likely she is hanging out with Timid Cass, who is still lurking. But not for much longer, as Confident Cass is edging her out of the picture!)

    That is a great story about the financial adviser. Not that it's a surprise, of course; he just accepted what was plain to see!


    1. I think what was just as great as him not realising at the start, was the fact that after I told him why the document was wrong his only concern was trying to get it corrected for me.

      I have no idea how acceptance is in other places, but I have to say that I am really impressed with how everyone I have had to tell here has coped. He wasn't the youngest person I have told...