Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Lunch Bite 2: But this is...

Last week I reached a wonderful milestone.

Thanks to the wonderfully over complex bureaucracy that countries have with transitioning I now have a complete set of official documents to say who I am, and before I, or my therapist, was expecting it as well!.  I know that some people don't think it should matter, but it does to me.  If I have to produce my drivers license, passport or residency permit (as I'm an ex-pat I need one) I don't want to have to explain why the card and person holding it don't seem to match!

I got the letter a couple of weeks ago saying I could pick it up - but had to wait a few days before I could get around to it (government opening hours and all that!).

I sat in the waiting room for what seemed an age (OK, it was an age ;p) waiting for my number to appear on the screen.  Then it came.

Go to the counter and passed my passport, the letter saying it was ready, and the old residency permit.  The woman on the other side smiled and said "Oh, great!  You have everything ready for me!" (I have to ask why is that a surprise.  But I suppose that is a different story...)

She went through the documents one by one and got to the old residency permit.

"Err, but this permit if for a man"

"Yes, unfortunately"

"No, er...  This permit is for a *man*"

"Er...  Yes, that is correct.  Unfortunately.  That's why I need a new one"

"Oh! I'm so sorry, I never realised!  My apologies!"

I did explain that she really didn't have to apologise.  Really not.  I told her that in fact I took it as a huge compliment that she didn't know.

Everything was sorted with the new one in a few minutes, I paid the not as obscene as the UK documents amount of money for the new card and got up to leave.

Again she apologised and again I told her it was a nice thing that she didn't realise.

"Well, I'm glad that you take it as a compliment, but I'm still really sorry I did that to you!"

It just goes to show that there are some wonderful people working for the government as well as the jobsworths that are the stereotype!

So yes.  Full compliment of official documentation now.  A milestone I can check off.  Just my degree and the last few companies that I need to tell (the ones that make you send in letters, in triplicate, signed in the blood of a dragon type of places) and I'm sorted.

And relax and smile :)

(And there go my watery eyes again with the realisation of where I am!)


  1. Happy, happy, happy!!!

    Wonderful news Stace. I am very happy for you.

    Hugs and prayers,

    Cynthia XX

  2. People have no idea how important finally having the correct bits of paper for the first time in our lives...

    More and more are accepting us for who we are, tears are in order.

    1. I have read comments from other people who have transitioned questioning those who feel having documentation is important.

      Personally I would hate to travel on a passport that had the wrong gender marker, no matter the name or the picture.

      But yes, smiling ear to ear!


  3. Hmm.... must be some dust in the air here; my eyes are watery all of a sudden... ;c)

    What a wonderful post, Stace! And *of* course she was confused; you are so clearly a woman that it made absolutely no sense! And now you have the credentials that confirm you are who you've always been!

    Best of luck getting that dragon blood, sweetie!

    Major hugs,

    1. Yes that damn dust! The office seemed to be full of it yesterday!

      I keep on thinking that I am going to start to believe it :) I may even act on it at some point!

      Yes, I see a trip to Diagon Alley at some point... Or is it Knockturn that I need for that? ;p


    2. congrats miss stace! i imagine you are still having moments of tearful joy! good to know that there is still dragon blood to acquire, too! :) what about a good old broom, though? i'm still interested in getting the chance to fly on one of those! :)

  4. very good to read and yes, wet eyes here too, so near to you

    1. I can honestly say that it had not hit me until yesterday just what it meant. I had it and was smiling from ear to ear.

      But yesterday when writing the post I got a bit emotional (thankfully I was in an empty office at the time, the others were still at lunch!). I guess it really is a milestone for me.

      But then I am sure that an old school building has seen plenty of tears in it's time!