Saturday, 27 October 2012

You must be the sister-in-law

Every year, at about this time, we get a letter from our vet saying that it's time to renew the cats vaccination and to have him checked over.  It's a time of the year that he absolutely loves as you can imagine and getting him into his carrier is breeze!

:( Right, I now have rather comedy scratches down my arms and I had to clean up the stairs where he got...  Nervous.

As the cat is nice and healthy I have not seen the vet since last year, but being English and having a cat with an interesting name means that were are remembered.  We got there, went into the consult room and the vet said Hi to Mrs Stace, looked at me and said, "Ah, you must be the sister-in-law!" (Yes! I'll admit I loved it when he said that!)

But I told him no - but I do look rather different to the last time he saw me.  Cue a bit of an awkward silence as he stood trying to think where he knew me from (at this point I did not know how to carry the conversation further, and Mrs Stace had decided that I was on my own for this one ;p).  Then realisation spread across his face and he looked a little embarrassed as he said, "Sorry!  but I suppose it's a compliment?"  I just said yes, absolutely I will take that as a compliment!

The rest of the visit went as normal and we still have a healthy car, who was not impressed with his yearly injection...

Phew.  *Almost* the last time I am going to be put in that situation!

The other major thing that has occurred this week is that I have the mobile number of an old, very close friend who I had lost contact with over the years (isn't it amazing how people drift apart?).  I am going to call him today or tomorrow.  It's going to be interesting.  An out of the blue call from a friend who he hasn't spoken to in 8 years to say Hi, I have some news!  Should be interesting...

I'll post how it goes!


  1. NowI am confused, you got scratches from the car when you took the car for an annual injection!

    Complement indeed though from your recent photo I am hardly surprised...

    1. And to think I proof read that a few times before posting!

      We have a great vet, and so I was a bit nervous about him seeing me for the first time, so the compliment was wonderful!