Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Old photos

OK - that is maybe not the right word...  Old here means from the last 5 years :)

I have just written an article for our intranet site at work.  Well I say that I have written an article, I was asked to share my dream with the company through a questionaire :)

I have so many things that I would love to do that it makes picking one thing so hard - from learning to fly, to getting my racing license for the track, to learning to how to make my own clothes to opening my own bakery. And lots of things in between...

But you can only pick one dream for the article and I picked photography, or rather learning to use my camera to make shots that can transport you somewhere else, and release emotions.  I love it when you have a scene that either takes you back, or forward, in time and releases a flood of emotions when looking at the picture.

Anyway, it seems that it was a well received idea - someone from marketing commented that with the amount of amateur photographers that we have in the office we should organise exhibitions so that people can show off their pictures.

And the director / founder of the company agreed, and has said that we should use the public corridor along the meeting rooms in order to display the pictures.

Great news!  Now we have to come up with some sort of theme...  I think I may do one with either water or winter.  I have a lot of photos of winter scenes, and a lot of water scenes (in all seasons, I think it would make an eclectic mix).  Some of the winter ones are also really spooky - the problem is that most of the best were taken with a bridge camera and the quality of the image is not great when blown up.

Anyway... Yesterday I was searching though the 200+ GB of photos on our server to see what I could find to spark a neuron or two.  I'm no closer to a theme for the office, but I did find three that were taken at 120kmph (75mph) on the motorway at night (and no I was not driving!).  I love the colours and the way it looks like an impossible laser light.  And because I think they are like nothing else I have ever posted here :)

If I get to the point of having an exhibition in the office I'll post the selected pictures here too :)


  1. My first thrilling photographs were of nighttime in fairgrounds on colour transparencies in the late 60's and early 70's.

    Oooops given away my age...

    Love to see more.

    1. I love photo's of light. I used to have a wonderful one of a fairground that I took on my old mobile phone. I normally hate mobile phone cameras, but the poor camera actually worked in it's favour with all the neon lights.

      I think that there is a good chance that more photo's will appear when I find them (or take them of course ;p)