Monday, 3 October 2011

I hate coming back from holidays!

I've had this page open multiple times in the last week, and every time I have closed the screen before I saved anything because nothing is coming out...

I've been stressed beyond belief over the last week, catching up on projects that have been running whilst I was on vacation, and trying to catch the fallout from other projects that exploded during my vacation.  And changes in my team that we found about about in the last couple of days that caused me stress even over my weekend.  Ug.

And of course I have been working over the news from the last session at the VU over in my head - and trying to figure out what I have to get organised before the end of the year.  Do you realise how many places your name is used?  I am up to 29 now, and I am sure that I am not there yet.  On top of this I have to figure out how I sort the different agencies in different countries, and how to make sure that the passport office fast track the passport correctly - as I will not be able to get home until they do if I come to the UK to get it!

As a result of all of that I have done  nothing over the week except for work and stress, and I guess that doesn't help the blank screen syndrome I have had when opening up the new post window.

So...  If you hear nothing from me for a week or so it's just because I can't think any more and am trying to relax!


PS Don't worry, I'm not depressed or anything else.  I just have too much on my plate at the moment :)


  1. Its a really busy time getting ready to go full time. So much you feel the need to prepare for its unreal.
    It does all come together though and to be honest i forgot to notify a few places at the begining. It didnt matter though as the important and immediate ones knew.
    You will be fine. Your project management skills will stand you in good stead.
    Btw when you are next over lets get together for coffee. x

  2. I tried to get organised about the name change but over year later still keep finding places to deal with!

    If you are doing a deed poll name change I would suggest getting a decent number of certified copies to send out all at once.

    God luck.

  3. Permission to relax granted but no more holidays for you until you get the name change and office stuff settled.

  4. Lisa: I'm beginning to see that! I have my list, and I will have to get some semblance of a project plan together so I can check where I need to be...

    I guess I have to decide on a name and get the deed poll sorted ASAP...

    Caroline: I have no doubt I am going to keep on coming up with places that I have forgotten. At least I know all of the financial places I need in the UK (in Holland it's different - a new pension with every job makes keeping track difficult...)

    I saw that I can order extra certificats at the same time as the request, and was trying to work out how many to order. They are not that expensive that I can't get enough, rather than wasting time trying to get them in the future...


    Elena: Oh thank you! I shall take up your permission this weekend (hopefully!). And I promise not to take any holidays until the office and name change has been done! :P