Monday, 17 October 2011

Healthy(ish) Oven Chips

I'm English...  I love cider, salt and vinegar crisps (something Mrs Stace - and most of the other Dutch I know hate) and chips...  Whenever we go back to the UK we always have to have at least one fish and chip supper - over in Holland it's impossible to find them!

Actually, there are very few ways of cooking potatoes that I actually like...  Boiled I can do occasionally, but they are really not my thing.  The same with mash - though I am just cooking potato and spinach mash at the moment - Dutch winter recipe.  I love roast potatoes (if cooked correctly - for me that is...) and backed.  The problem with the last two is they take an age to prepare and the roast are less than healthy as well.

So when I saw a recipe for chips on TV a while a go I wondered if I could adapt it to keep the crisp and fluffy texture whilst removing the need to deep fry them - we don't have a fryer in the house and I am not planning on adding one!

So I played a bit and came up with the following:

Peel the potatoes, but keep them whole, rinse them and put them on to boil.  The time needed here will vary from cooker to cooker but on my induction (which boils water within about 1 minute) I do 10 minutes from turning the heat on to taking them off.

Put the pan under cold running water and make sure that the potatoes are completely cooled

Slice the potatoes into chips when cold - they should start to crumble slightly, but still retain their shape.  I normally cut them in to 1cm or 2cm thick chips or wedges along the length of the potatoe

When cut dry the chips off individually and put them into a bowl.  It's really important to dry them, even though it's a pain, otherwise the chips will not crisp up and stay fluffy.  After the first potato worth of chips is in the bowl add 3 table spoons of oil and mix so it covers all of the chips.

Repeat with the rest of the potatoes, only adding oil when it looks like they are not being coated - don't over oil!

Put the chips onto a baking tray, making sure that they are well separated, and place in a a pre-warmed 200C oven for 15-20 minutes.  They should be starting to crisp, but not colour at this stage.

Make sure that they are not stuck to the base of the tray - I always cook mine on a teflon sheet - and leave to cool.

Whilst the chips are cooling take a few cloves of garlic and roughly crush them, this will cause the skin to easily slip off, rather than trying to peel them still whole which is a nightmare :)  Take some red onion and roughly chop and skin as well.  Throw these randomly over the chips - use as much or little as you like to add some flavour.

Finally...  Throw the chips back into the oven for another 25 minutes - or until golden brown.  Serve whilst hot, with the onion and garlic (note - don't do this the day before a big meeting ;p)

With any luck you should have some light, crispy chips that are fluffy on the inside and have only used a few tablespoons of oil to prepare!

Sorry - no photos to show you how they turn out as I'm not that good at snapping food!  Maybe I'll try the next time I cook them!



  1. Haha Stace, you must be kidding. I can't think of any food that I would play with that long prior to having the pleasure of eating it. Don't like fast food either but something in the middle surely exists. I love mashed potatos with tons of butter and sour cream added to make them fluffy fluffy fluffy.
    Thanks for your recipee anyway.

  2. Ellena: You can make them in about 30 minutes (which is what we do during the week) but then it's just a case of peeling them, chopping them, putting on some oil and putting them in the oven for 30 mins.

    Not bad, but nowhere near as nice!

    I love cooking, so as long as I have the time available it's really not too much of a problem for me. In fact, if it wasn't for the fact that I still have a cold at the moment I would be busy today and tomorrow starting my Christmas cooking (the cake I make for Christmas needs to mature for a couple of months before eating - and I have a couple of hundred mince pies to make, starting with making my own mincemeat).

    Phil: :)


  3. Totally off-topic... :-)

    Have you seen this piece by Maureen Dowd about Steve Jobs?

    The more I read of the man, the more I think "mercurial" is an appropriate way to describe him.

  4. :) I'm not going to argue with that... The more I read the more I think that he was a very charismatic, but not very nice man...