Friday, 14 October 2011

Bye Bye Summer!

And so it seems that summer has left us for anther year...  Last week I was riding the motorbike to work in glorious sunshine, and actually I was overheating in my leathers, today I am on a train in t-shirt, polo neck jumper and with my coat (albeit my summer coat) tucked into bags handles for when I have to walk from the station to the office.

I was hoping to get some beautiful autumnal shots this year, with red, orange and bronze leaves falling from the trees as they did 12 months ago, but alas it’s not going to happen.  The trees in this year in Noord Holland have a decidedly brown manky look to them as opposed to the wonderful colours they had last year, and they just do not make as nice pictures; rather they are more depressing.  There is still some hope I suppose - there are an amount of leaves still on the trees, should they change to nice colours I’ll grab some shots and post them!

But for now it’s back to the dark mornings, wind wet and cold that we here in Holland love so much!  And maybe time to either get some heated grips fitted to the bike, or think about getting it tucked up somewhere warm and dry for the winter.

Note...  Just to prove me wrong it has of course turned out to be a really nice day here...  The sun is out, the windows are open and we are all back in T-Shirts!


  1. Colours have faded here, but were brilliant for a couple of weeks.

    Holland sounds a lot like Southern Ontario. We have a saying; "If you don't like the weather, wait a while".

    Enjoy your sunny day Stace. :)

  2. Nice sunny day here in S England, slight autumnal chill. It is getting dark early though.

  3. Muggy and 'orrible over in southern NJ. ;-)

    I have a variety of gloves for motorcicclin'. The summer ones are mostly mesh; a pair that are slightly heavier for general this-time-of-the-year riding, and a heavy pair from BMW that are for cold weather riding. If it gets really cold, I put very thin skiing gloves under the BMW gloves. My hands can still get cold, though.

    The rest of me is layered; sometimes I'll be riding with a *lot* of layers! And a bandanna, like an old time cowboy. I look a mess, but hey - I'm riding and am theoretically warm...

  4. It has plummeted to 27 degrees today here in the south of France, water still really nice for a swim...

    May have to sleep under a sheet tonight, first time for a while.

  5. It was a lovely autumn day today. Just the right side of cool and a bit of warm sun to keep the chills away.

    Good luck keeping warm on the bike!

  6. Fall has come up rapidly in my part of California, where we get some snow and frost and a lot of rain. Today is beautiful but started out a bit chilly.

    Something really weird with leaving comments here, Stace. Maybe it's me or Firefox, but I post the comment and it goes back to an empty comment window with the word verifier. Then, I need to exit the post and re-enter the post and click on comments and there is the comment window with my comment along with the word verifier. Then the comment gets posted. Does any of this make sense?

  7. Halle: I always love the weather report in the mornings... 'Cold, warm, dry - with some rain, very light to storm winds. 15 to 27 degrees.' The temp is in Celsius obviously :)

    Jess: The nights are drawing in so much that at 6:30 we were lighting candles today!

    We used to holiday on the Isle of White in August / September and I used to love it (except for Sandown being semi closed - not good when you are under 10!) and it was always lovely at that time of year.

    I've not really done any of the other south coast I'm ashamed to say...

    Carolyn Ann: I have two pairs of gloves - titanium knuckled leather for as long as possible (if it's good enough for racers then they are good enough for me!) and some space age winter gloves that I hate as I can't feel the controls as well, and they don't have half the protection of the racing gloves - but they are somewhat warmer!

    I'm hoping with heated grips I can leave the winter gloves off all year and stick with the racing ones!

    Caroline: Grr.....

    Lynn: I love Autumn when it's dry and sunny! Kind of like I like winter when it's a cold crisp morning - but hate the cold, damp and miserable days!

    Calie: I know it's me being completely small minded and stupid, but I still love that you live in California and still get 4 seasons of weather!

    As for the layout... I was trying a new one, as you saw, but it was causing me too many problems so I am back to the drawing board!