Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Falling to bits...

No, not me. Thankfully - though it's been a little bit of a coaster ride since last week I'm happy to say that I don't have that much to say at the moment.

No, this is about my rusty wreck.  Whilst I was visiting my parents I took a look around the work so far, and the work remaining.

What I saw scared me - and made me ask my dad if it was actually still viable.  He's adamant that it is, and that whilst it's the worst that he has seen and worked on is still doable.  All it's going to take it time!  And mig welding...  And Oxyacetylene...  And new steel.  Lots of new steel!

Here's a few shots of what used to be my pride and joy!

The back...

New rear light panel and rear panel needed for this hole...

New steel!!!  The drivers side floor, cross members, heel board, inner and middle sills.  The outer sill is to be fitted once the floor is welded in place so that there is enough strength to stop the tub warping.  Gulp. 

Why there is going to be a new outer sill

And again...

The passenger floor (about the same as the drivers floor was).  That is not grey paint you can see it's holes.  Well OK it is grey paint.  Paint from the garage floor!
On the passenger side of the car there is not enough metal left to support your weight should you try and stand in the car.  And it got worse. My dad has had to rebuild the windscreen support as well.

But he assures me it'll be fine once it's finished!  Fingers crossed - he hasn't let me down with a car yet!

And to finish my own efforts at gas welding, made from three different pieces of waste steel.  I enjoyed trying this, and if I dare say it didn't do bad for someone having a first try.  Then again I had intense one to one instruction from someone who had been doing this for 11 years before I arrived in the world :)

Update and PS: Apologies to Jenny for stealing her term 'Rusty Wreck' - though I think you'll agree it's apt!


  1. My best, and only real friend, is a welder. He says he can trace his family back about 400 years. He is Danish and his entire family back that far were all blacksmiths, the forerunner of welders. He is the most astounding person when it comes to metallurgy. He can even weld pot metal ( die cast zinc ). Almost impossible to do, but he does it.

    Good luck with your welding and the project.


    Cynthia XX

  2. Very impressive!

    My dad just mig and gas welds and brazes where appropriate - not very often these days as they are quite picky when it comes to the MOT (APK). The Spitfire is going to get brazed only where the original tub was brazed when it was built.

    He uses the mig welder for preference as far as metal deformation and oxygen tainting after all you put a lot of oxygen into the metal when heating with an oxyacetylene torch; but welds with gas for preference as far as the pleasure of welding goes - watching him weld with gas is fascinating - it's like he is wielding a pen not a gas flame at some ridiculous temperature!

    As such I am pleased that I am not planning on doing that much of it myself! I want to do one bit, that is not visible and has no impact on the safety of the car, just so I can say I did some of it :)