Thursday, 27 October 2011

As requested previously...

In September Mrs Stace and I went to the UK and Ireland so go to a friends wedding, and then went for a trip to the UK to see my parents and a flying visit to Leicester to see my grandparents.  I think I have posted a basic description of the trip previously - but I don't think that I have posted pictures just yet...

These pictures are of the morning that we went to visit the Giants Causeway.  It was wet, windy but with plenty of light - and at one point we thought we were in trouble in the cliff face; but not as much as the poor American Tourist that I had to help around the a point in the cliff where the (end of) hurricane was blowing the hardest and most randomly.

The rock of the causeway itself is amazing to look at.  The black areas are dangerous, the yellow / gold are safe (when it's not in hurricane winds :p) Where they have been wet and are drying you can see the colour changing back to gold again.  Whilst it the causeway was not as large as I was expecting, it was still wonderful to visit and I'd gladly go back again (but not to the Causeway Hotel!)

Here are a few non-processed (I have to put that proviso in there...) shots:
The black and gold rock of the causeway

A couple of rock pools where the water never drains

A few of the columns of the larger of the two causeways

Just to give you an idea of how windy it was on the cliff face!  I never managed to capture the spray as I wanted, but this is the nicest that I have

On top of the causeway - playing with the camera position

And again :)

And again...

This one I have to play with a little longer, I was going for the ghostly water effect, but the light was too bright and even at the highest F number I could not open the shutter for long enough


  1. Some lovely shots there. I..umm.. have borrowed the last one for desktop wallpaper. :-)

  2. I've never seen nor even heard of this beautiful place. Your photos of it are outstanding. You leave me wanting more pictures of it. Thank you so much.

    Hugs and Prayers,


  3. Thanks both - I loved playing with the camera to get the shots, but I actually wish it was just a little darker that day so I could have got the last shot a bit better. I had to set the camera in manual mode to over expose the shot in the hope that I could improve it with processing :) If I remember correctly I did 4 or 5 shots of *really* over exposed shots before I got this one.

    @Lynn: IIRC you have my email address... If so drop me a line and I'll send you the full quality version (I have no idea what Blogger does with the files I upload :p)