Monday, 14 February 2011

No more crappy room!

Well after a long wait our department finally moved today.  So I spent most of it without a running computer, running between rooms with handfulls of stuff, or in meetings completely unprepared as I had no computer.  Still we are now in a room with better accustics, air conditioning for when it really gets too hot, a giant whiteboard that I am going to try and encourage people to use and...

Room for the table football that we brought as a department a few years ago, but have not used for a couple of years due to lack of space.

I have a few busy days coming up, going for a meal with a friend tomorrow - his local pub turns into a restaurant on Tuesday evenings and tomorow they are doing something special.  So Stacy is going out again.  I really have to get out more.  Except for visiting my therapist I rarely go out as me - it's the one thing that I think I have to work harder on to get some confidence.

Which is good, because on Wednsday I am having my hair cut as Stacy for the first time, the wife of a friend cuts it for me.  So I am eating there, having it cut and styled, and then I'm going out for a drink and chat with him.

Two trips in two days.  Scary, but I'm looking forward to it.  I just have to pack.  On the bright side, I have my outfits picked (one per day).  I wonder if I'll change my mind and end up taking two anyway...

And here are a couple more shots that I took whilst playing last week:

This guy sits on an elephant in the living room.  A present from India from a colleague.  Details: 20second @ f32, Sigma EXDG 180mm Macro 1:1 lens.  I found my tripod :)

And this guy sits on some of our long drinks glasses.  They were brought from BHS about 10 years ago - we were walking through the shop as a shortcut when we saw them.  We have tried to get some more, but to no avail.  So we try to be very careful with them :).  Details: 10 seconds @ f3.5, same lens as above.

I'm really enjoying playing with the camera again - especially now that I have found the tripod so I can do more long exposure shots.

If the weather holds I may take a trip and try and get some shots of the buildings that keep my feet dry in our lake :)  Some of them (espcially the older ones) look amazing!


  1. Hair cut as Stace, I'm so envious! My hairdresser may know, but it'll be a few months yet before she has enough material to work with for a Jenny cut.

  2. If my fringe meets my eye brows I know it's time to get it trimmed, otherwise Mrs Stace thinks it's too long for male me...

    I've not really got it any longer than before, it's just not cut so short (and needs more regular trimmng) than before :)


  3. Eyebrows? I guess I shouldn't tell you were my 'fringe' is at.


    Glad to hear the move is working out well.

  4. Two trips and just two outfits? Stace, we need to talk about backups ;-)

    Glad to hear the office move went well and good luck with the trim!

  5. Kelli: I think that with my hairline a fringe is a good idea :) Damn those genes...

    Lynn: Only one outfit per day these days (makes life so much easier in the moring...) but always a spare pair of tights (you don't have to worry about holes in socks do you, tights on the other hand are are a whole different ball game...) :)