Sunday, 20 February 2011

I can do without those moments!

This weekend has been a little more stressful then I would have liked... 

My neice has said that she wants a radio controlled car for her birthday.  As RC cars used to be a bit of a hobby of mine we offered to get one for her.  Or rather I offered to rebuild the one I brought when I was in Uni (it's got to be better than buying a throw away one).

So Saturday we were in the local model shop to get the bit's that we needed (wheels, battery, speed controller and as she wants a pink convertable we have had to replace the Escort top with something sporty that we can paint).  We got all the bits needed and I last night I started with the rebuild.  All went well, everything easily removed was cleaned (down to the chassis, but not dismatelling the mechanical bits - I don't have the instructions to put the diffs and AWD transmission box back together :p)

Until this afternoon...  I got the rolling chassis finsihed and was putting in the receiver and speed controller...  New new one doesn't fit...  The connections are all wrong - so it's back to the shop to see if there is another one...

And then the other stress...  I was dressed this evening...  Watching TV whilst Mrs Stace was washing her hair.  Suddenly I get an SMS - 'Your mum and dad are here, can you skype us please'.  Holly crap...  Sent an SMS back - can I call?  My laptop is not set up (good excuse I thought, though it was also a lie). Got another SMS - we wanted to show your parents how easy it is to skype.  Crap.  Rush upstairs and scrub my face clean, quickly change into jeans and t-shirt.  Then try to find my web cam.  It's not anywhere I was looking.  Crap!  In a rush I got my small laptop I use in the train (I have a DTR and an ultra portable - but the DTR has no build in webcam).  No Skype installed.  Crap!  Try to download Skype.  Need my username and password.  Which I forget...  Crap!  Really starting to stress at this point!  Got a reminder sent (at least I have an IMAP account to my email on this machine) and managed to log into Skype and download the installer.

Panic over, called my uncle and got my mum on the screen - who asked my just how long my 10 minutes were!  I could hardly tell her why it too so long with my aunt and uncle listening in on the conversation!

Phew, breath and relax...


  1. So are you saying Skype might not be such a good idea.

    I spent ages trying to dream up a user name and nothing would work until I made a spelling mistake! There was no " are you wanting to use this name then?" button just "set up, tough it was spelt incorrectly but get on with it!"!

    Now you tell me I would have to look my best at all times incase someone wants to call? Going off the idea.

    Caroline xxx

  2. maybe if you put an anglepoise lamp behind you so that you are silhouetted on the camera? :-) -hmm, might just try that...

    got Skyped out of the blue by an old shipmate (hello, Nigel, in the unlikely event that you see this...) so took the call... there were no clothes apparent, though of course it was only the upper part of the body on camera, and he *does* live in Thailand these days, so.... there's another idea; one of those cardboard figures with a gap for your head, like they use on seaside photos, sitting next to the computer so that you need never be caught en deshabille

  3. If you are going to do Skype, then Dru's idea is just the ticket. Me? I'd rather he heard, and not seen.

    Melissa XX

  4. Caroline: It's not so much that I had to look my best... It's doing a video call to an aunt and uncle that do not know Stacy...

    For seeing my parents more than twice a year I like it.

    Dru: I do like that idea... Either the sinister silhouette or the cut out... Now what cut out can I get... I could be a geek and go for a storm trooper I suppose :)

    Melissa: I'd much rather have not been seen... But the request was specific to video calling to show my parents how easy it is - my parents are comeplete technophobes, and my aunt and uncle would like to do video calling with them more often...


  5. There is a funny contradiction in this story which made me laugh.