Sunday, 6 February 2011

By popular demand...

Possibly reposted from before but...  Here are three shots from the neighbourhood for Melissa and Calie :)

These two sit side by side on my living room wall in silver coloured frames at 50*70cm (well that's a lie - but they will do tomorrow!  They are currently leaning against the wall waiting for me to mount them).  They are a couple of the views across the lake where I run.  It's man made, when I first moved to this town it was still a sand quarry - it's only really the last 5 years or so that it's started to resemble a recreation area (and was probably only finished 2.5 years ago - before then it was half recreation and half work site!).  Both shots are taken with the Canon 5D, shot one using the 180mm fixed focus Sigma EX DG 1:1 Macro lens, the second with the 70-200 EX DG lens @ 70mm

Though I will admit to playing with the colour of the second to make it match the first :) (for the wall, not here...)

And this one I still have to get printed at some point...  looking down the road I live on, across the road from my house.  At the bottom of the slop there is a Singel used for keeping the area dry - I live at the bottom of a 6.5m deep lake :)  This was also taken using the 5D and 180mm lens.

Melissa / Calie I hope that this is what you were hoping for :)  Here's hoping for more time to get the camera out again this week for some new shots!



  1. Some quality shots. I don't know what it is exactly about the second one - the one with the single tree. Yet it seems really cold. Maybe it's the colours?

  2. Nice pictures, Stace!

    Several of my neighbors and me live on our lake, but none of us live at the bottom of it. Do you have gills, or do you use scuba gear?

    Melissa XX

  3. I really like the lone tree.. it really says peace and calmness of being.. it is really a wounderful shot..

    Thanks for sharring...

  4. You put me to shame with your classy camera and long focal length lenses taking atmospheric pictures!

    I moved to a rather dull little village half a lifetime ago and Melissa says my pictures are just dark!

    Caroline xxx

  5. I always love your pictures, Stace. The last one in particular. A nice shot of Fall in The Netherlands.

    Calie xxx

  6. Lynn: Thanks :)I think that it's both the blue in the picture, and the placement of the sun that make it look much more like a crisp autumn / winters day than the sunny spring evening that it was.

    Melissa: :) I tried holding my breath once, but as the lake is quite massive (it streches between Amsterdam, Haarlem and Leiden) I thought that it wouldn't help too much. These days I just try to put faith in the Dutch engineers that keep the lake from refilling using various singels, streams and many, many powerful water pumps!

    Naukishtae: I love the tree shot. It's my favorite of the day - I walked the 3km circumference of the lake in the hope of getting some inspiration. Most shots turned out a little 'meh', but this one stood out to me immediately.

    Caroline: :) I am going to take that as a huge compliment, but somehow doubt my shots match yours no matter the camera! I get some lucky shots, but really don't have the ability to see shots well enough to make really good ones. I work on a 3% return on shots made. If I take 100 shots and 3 stand out to me then I am happy :)

    Calie: The last one is a case in point for my reply to Caroline. I tool about ten shots of various autumn scenes, and this is the only one that I would consider printing. Even then I think there is something off with the composition - possibly too much tarmac on the right hand side... I am still kicking myself for never bringing my camera to work with me last year. The leaves here (different town to where I live) were outstanding. Rich reds and golds. By the time I brought my camera they were muddy brown :) Oh well, maybe this autumn!


  7. Hi Stace

    I came here because I thought for a moment you were calling your blog the same as mine, but I had missed the I in the I t-girl. Never mind I am glad I came to see some wonderful photoshots. I especially liked the single tree photo, I will return!!

    Tina xx


  8. Hey Tina,

    Yup the I is there for my geeky nature - as in I.T., I'm no IT girl! (I hope no one assumes that of me...)

    I'm pleased you like my shots - I've been busy recently with the camera and will be posting some more macro shots soon. If the weather stays nice then I may do some more outdoor shots soon.