Sunday, 4 August 2013

This should have had a title when I wrote it :)

Right, a day off! The first of the since getting back to Holland we have no plans for the day J

So, this time three weeks ago we had woken up in an overly warm hotel after being kept awake for some of the night by guests of a wedding in the hotel the day before. After a good breakfast we were on our way up to Scotland, to a little place called Dunkeld just north of Perth.

With wonderful weather, and simply stunning scenery, we took a walk around the village before the going back to the hotel for food. The river Tay (I think) was looking amazing in the evening sunshine and I manager to get a few nice shots whilst we were there J

Back to the hotel for food, which was amazing, and then time for bed. The hotel was a building a couple of hundred years old and, as opposed to all of the others that we stayed in, a private hotel ran by people who really wanted to run a hotel. The service was amazing, the food wonderful and they could not do enough to help us.

Unfortunately there was no air conditioning, and yes even Scotland it was just too uncomfortably warm to sleep well without that luxury! But, we did the best that we could, and got some sleep during the night.

After an invigorating shower (much better than in the first hotel!) we set off for the last run of 2 hours to get to my parent’s house. Not before a stop in Avimore for a coffee though - and not a bad coffee either J

And so we spent 9 days with my parents doing not much, there were a couple of day trips out seeing the local sights (I even went into the sea) and dolphin spotting (twice – the first time there was no one there to play!). There was the obligatory trip to Waterstones in Inverness (we’re now up to 550 books and trying to figure out where the hell we are going to keep them!)

And… For the first time in a long time I celebrated my birthday with my parents J But I’ll come to that later, right now it’s time to relax again!

Finally, for today, here are the shots from Dunkeld J


  1. Yes it is the Tay. You came so close and did not think to say hello, bad girl...

    1. I know, I know... (Though I never realised that you were that close to our route...)

      The problem, even more than normal, was time. We had planned to be in the UK 5 days longer than we were. But life got in the way and we had to get back early for some important appointments.


      PS Thanks for the confirmation!

    2. My poor brain has to remember to go back and check for new comments, any chance that somewhere in the settings there is a box to email on new comments?

    3. You know, I have no idea! Sorry!


  2. Hoi Stace!

    Stunning pictures as usual. You have the gift, girl!

    We had a Waterstones in a gorgeous brick building here in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood for a number of years, but it closed about a decade ago (sniff). I spent countless happy hours (and far too much not-exactly-disposable income!) there. :c)

    Enjoy your day of nothingness! Looking forward to reading about the further adventures of you and Mrs. Stace. :D


    1. Thank you very much! As I said in my picture blog: I love this little camera!

      Really it's smaller than most compacts, but almost as versatile as a DSLR, and has a sensor to match!

      You lose zoom as a result, but I can live with that...

      The problem is that you start with the books and don't realise just how much you have spent until you get to the till. My parents came with us this year and held the baskets of books for us as we were browsing (they offered!). You get a stamp for each 10 ponds that you spend, and get a 10 gift card when you get 10 stamps. We get a giftcard (and extra stamps) each and every year :) And earn enough points for my parents to get a free book on their loyalty card... :O