Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Short update

Really short - seeing as it's the start of the working day!

Firstly, those people I was going to email at the weekend...  There were a few things I didn't get around to doing this weekend (getting my pictures organised for pictures in passing, getting things in the house organised, calling my parents etc) and, yes, sending emails was amongst them.

Monday I was that tired when I got in that I got 1/3 of the way into my first routine on the xbox and had to stop, and so spent the evening just about asleep.  And since then I have not been home...

So... I expect it will be this weekend before I send them, sorry!

Secondly! I had my first appointment with the plastic surgeon yesterday. Still no date, I should get that in the coming week hopefully, so it was a bit of an anti climax, but looking back it was a very goof appointment.  We discussed what they are going to do, and how, what the complications can be - most I knew, but one I didn't and whilst it may be very rare, it also has lifelong implications.  Should they hit the wrong bit when doing the operation you can end up with a colostomy bag for life. A new worry.

They checked me out to make sure everything was OK. And I had to laugh afterwards. Most of my life I never cared about size, but in the last 3 years it's become important ;p Thankfully he said that it should be OK.

We talked about what I can do before hand (keep being a non smoker, and keep to my weight).  And keep being an active participant in the process, and not a passive one - he said all of those are important to a better recovery.

We talked about time of recovery. I'll be in for about a week, and for the next two weeks I'll have to go back once a week for a check-up and then a few times over the following 6 months. I should expect +/- 6 weeks to be working - if all goes well - and shouldn't think about getting back to running for 2 months at the earliest.

And that's about it. I have to go back on Thursday for an appointment with the anaesthetist and then it's just a waiting game again.

The other thing I have to do is contact the clinic for what I need to recover. This seems to be a bit of non joined up thinking. The surgeon doesn't tell you what you need to look after yourself afterwards. That has to come from the clinic, and I have had nothing there.  So there is another call today!

Not what I really wanted (not having a date and all) but I do feel better for having the appointment.

Right, time to start the day!


  1. Glad that it went well.

    I am sure there was no boast there either ;-). Nice that it will come in useful finally !

    Keep smiling - all with come good in the end.

  2. Yikes. It's all coming along isn't it.

  3. Glad to hear things are beginning to move, Stace! This is exciting!

    As one of those you are already stressing about not having written to yet (yes, I know *just* what you are thinking, Missie! lol), I will take the liberty of speaking for all of us:

    Under no circumstances are you to write so much as a syllable until you are back to your old self!

    Not "better than you've felt lately," but back to the Stace we all know and care about, sweetie.

    Until then, we all want you to devote your energy to *you* and only you. We can wait as long as it takes. :c)

    And that is an order, Missie!

    Relax as much as possible, and listen to as much music as possible. (Those are related, I think.)

    Be well!

    Mega hugs,

  4. Thanks all. I think you know by now that the 'within a week' turned out to be bogus information, and that it has knocked me for 6.


    I'm trying not to mope about it, an just trying to make sure that I get my energy levels back to where they were to continue!


    PS Lots of music has been consumed recently, though an amount has also been repeatedly listening to 'Automatic for the People' :)

    1. Your P.S. reminds me... I owe you those R.E.M. shows we discussed! [Hanging head shamefully] Keep an eye on your inbox, hon!

      I have been listening to Doves quite a bit on my walks lately. I really like them. And I picked up a terrific Pearl Jam show from 1998 that I have been wearing out. My throat hurts after listening to Eddie Vedder though! lol