Thursday, 23 September 2010

Going out for real... Gulp.

Tomorrow night I’m taking another step in the grand scheme of things.  There is a drink and BBQ for a couple of ex colleagues, and when that’s done I’m getting changed and going to a party at the bar of a friend.  It’s a safe place to go out for the first time, especially going with a friend.

As I write this I am split three ways – in equal parts terrified, nervous and looking forward to it.  Terrified and nervous because it’s going to be the first time that I am going to interact with people.  Nervous because the café is on the route from the office to the train station where I work and I’m concerned about running into someone coming back from the party later than I leave (not likely, but I worry about things).  Nervous about walking 1km in 8 to 10 cm heels (I haven’t decided what I wearing yet and about to pack a suitcase with clothes so I can pick when I get ready).  I've done about 400m before without an issue, but I'm going to have a drink at the bar...  Not many, certainly not drunk, but I am having a drink...

And I have the beginnings of a sore throat and head cold, which I am putting down to stressing about it…

But I’m sure it’s going to be worth it…  I let you know if it was…


  1. Good for you. Have a great time.
    This is a big step and I hope you have a blast.

  2. Following Lisa's theme we shall call this a walk on the wild side!

    8 to 10 cm taller than usual, you will think you are walking on air. Sounds like fun.

    Caroline xxx

  3. Hope those are comfy shoes! I've done longish walks in 4-in. heels, and it's not much fun. I looked fabulous though. :)

    I've read that red wine is one thing that doesn't have a negative effect on your immune system, which most alcohol does. So have a nice glass of red!

    Hope all goes well. xoxo

  4. You'll kick arse, enjoy yourself!

    I have to say, were it me I'd chicken out and wear flats.

  5. Have a great time Stace! Just a suggestion you have a bag large enough to carry an extra pair of shoes in? If you do, you could wear flats, en-route, and put your heels on when you get there. I know lots of women do just that, when they have to walk some distance to a place where they want to wear heels.

    Melissa XX

  6. @Melissa: You always have the best advice. xoxo

  7. Have a great time Stace!

    'Looking forward to a full report, including the saga of the shoes... :)

    A little hint from a good friend of mine; If you have a cold or sore throat, have a glass of water (or two) before leaving the party to keep you hydrated.


  8. Lisa: Thanks - as I said I'm looking forward to it, just nervous and terrified as well...

    Caroline: It'll put me at 6'2" (ish), which thankfully in Holland isn't so bad :) The only thing I notice when I normally have heels on is that I am taller than Mrs Stace (normally she is 1/2cm or so taller than me when we are both in flat shoes)

    Veronica: Define comfortable :) Walking in them is normally not the problem. Standing in them is normally the isuue that I have...

    If I drink I'll try to remember that.

    Jenny: Thanks :) The only problem is... I don't have flats... My shoe collection isn't that big yet, I'm shopping for some winter boots this weekend that'll have smaller heels (don't really fancy walking in ice in heels). I've borrowed some flats from Mrs Stace for driving - but they are no suitable for going out any more - they're a little old.

    Melissa: Good plan! I've borrowed a larger handbag from Mrs Stace that should have space for the driving shoes should I need them for walking home.

    Halle: Thanks. Yup expect either an over the moon post, or a depressed post by Sunday :) Here's hoping for the former...

    The way I feel at the moment I am considering not drinking at all (that way I can drive home afterwards and sleep in my own bed - if feeling a little off I think that may be better for me than sleeping on a put-me-up bed). If I do drink I'll make sure to keep the water intake up, and limit the drinks to try and stay fresh.


  9. The key about being in heels and being tall is you have to own it.

    I know a lot of girls my height and taller that are always in 3 and 4 inch heels. They just aren't afraid of being taller.

    So work it girl! You will do fine.

    Still I know this is your first time out so good luck and don't let anyone get you down. People can only make you feel bad about being you, if you let them.

  10. Nervous about walking 1km in 8 to 10 cm heels

    Easy.... provided there are no cobbles :-) I feel your pain already :-D Good luck on the big night and I hope you have a really good time out & about. Take care!

  11. Kelli: Shoulders back, head high and away you go. Considering I struggle with confidence I am amazed that I can fake it when out as Stace so well...

    Dave: Thanks for everything :)

    Lynn: This is Holland... Whilst there are not that many cobbles there are an awful lot of brick roads and wonky paving slabs. I did get stuck once :)