Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Getting better (mostly)

Well today has been a turn up for the books.  Began a little slowly, with metting followed by meeting, and no time to do any actual work.  In the IT meeting I was put on the spot by my boss about the new teams (I guessed this was going to happen, but with the other meetings had no time to prepare).

After the IT meeting though, things went great.  A meeting to improve our deployments went well, with lots of idea's that we can try to put into practice, and then in the afternoon a meeting with a service provider that went well, and led to a conversation with a software provider whose software in't performing, which led to lots of information which can hopefully solve the performance issue.  All in all a productive day that made me feel like I was doing something useful for my salary :)

Then I got home and my xbox died with the 3 light red ring of death, just when a colleague had lent me a wheel to see what I thought of it.  Annoying, but in the grand scheme of things not important...  Question is do I replace it for the one game I still play, and the one I want to buy or do I clear space in the living room and save the cash...


  1. 3 light ring of death, that's unfortunate! Now, would an xbox's worth of clothing solve girl depression better than escaping into xbox games?

  2. Yes... I friend is taking a look to see if he can fix it with a trick he learnt when his died (if it works, woohoo; if not nothing lost).

    I really don't know what I am going to do as far as replacing it. It's a lot of cash for something that is rarely used... But I do enjoy playing when I use it.