Friday, 16 April 2010

Scaring myself...

Since I have started to write this blog, and send mails to some of you, I've started to get really scared about accidentlally outing myself...  In emails to other people.

Whilst not technically middle aged yet (thank you Melissa) I do have Senior Moments when I just go into auto pilot.

Especially when writing mails.  I have three signatures that I use regularly.  My bloke name, my sickening sweet name that I used when sending a mail to Mrs Stace, and Stace.

When on autopilot I press send then get a sudden feeling of dreed.  Did I just send 'Stace' by mistake?  I have signed with my bloke name to Mrs Stace (and she asked what she had done to annoy me to the point of not using the sweet name) and I have signed it with the sweet name to colleagues which brings the whole 'I like you, but not in that way' jokes (but essensially easy to get out of).  If I sent Stace by mistake how the hell do you 'oops' your way out of that?


Wish me luck!  Sunday at 13:45 European Time I start the 5km business run.  I am aiming for a time of 25 mins this year...



  1. Damnit Stace, that wasn't something I'd thought of!

    Now I'll have to worry about it too, thanks a lot! :)

  2. I have two separate email accounts. One on MSN's hotmail for when I'm corresponding in boy mode, and one in Google's gmail, for when I'm corresponding as Melissa. Since the two programs have totally different looks, I never get them confused.

    Good luck on your upcoming run, and thanks for the reference to my blog!


  3. I cannot imagine using the same email for 3 different personas. That is so asking for it. Email accounts are a dime a dozen, and it all should be kept separate. I almost want to scold you, as you are a true IT geek girl and should so much know better. I have like 10 email accounts for various things. My wife knows of all but 9. I will say this, before I hire someone I always google their email acocunt, and if you have them associated in any way it is possible that the all knowing Google could make the connection somewhere, and definitely out you.

    Anyway good luck on your 5K!


  4. Jenny: Always happy to be of service!

    Melissa / Bree: Maybe I should clarify :)

    I have more accounts than I can remember (quite literally). My first two personas are always through my work email / boy mode email on my computer.

    As Stace I only have online accounts - and wouldn't dream of sending a mail as Stace from any other.

    It's more the whole after typing a body of text and automatically signing it (normally correctly). I do it without thinking, and worry that I either use Stace when sending e-mails in the office...

    And thanks for the encouragement. I'll let you know how it goes on Monday...


  5. I'm the girl of several email accounts!!!!
    Only one is used for anything 'Bob Mode' as it's easier remember who signs it!


  6. I have two Stace acounts - to be honest the only reason I have two is that I know what my memory is like regarding passwords and I wanted to ensure that each account had a backup mail address to request a new password should I ever forget them :)


  7. Well, if I remember right, your names are very close, so I guess you could blame it on a typo (assuming I'm right).

    Many of us have blogged about this. Just yesterday, after answering several emails from TG friends, I went on to deal with some work emails and started to type "Calie", which isn't even remotely close to my given name. Maybe I can get the guys to start calling me Cal.

    Calie xxx

  8. Both names are close, but not close enough to write it off as an oops...

    It definately gets confusing from time to time, espcially when you are down for what ever reasons and your brain is refusing to work...

    good luck on getting your name changed in the office ;p