Saturday, 10 April 2010

Never forget

Well I'm just about over the worst of the illness from the last week, as is Mrs Stace, and plan on doing another 15km's on my skates again today.

Thanks for all of your comments on my last post - reading them really touched me (and made me well up a little).

Over the last week I told someone else who I really am.  At the most inopportune moment, with almost no time for him to digest the information.

We had a bi-annual quaterly meeting at the office (yes you did read it right...) and about 5 mins before it started I was on the Valdispert again.  I had been having a bad day - everything going wrong from the second I woke up until that time and it was creeping into an anxiety attack again.  I was with one of the guys I wok with a lot at the office and he asked if I was OK.  I told him it was to do with the issues that surfaced last year, he said again I could talk if I wanted to.  I decided screw it, why not, it would be easier.  So with 5 mins before the meeting started we went for a walk (told you it was not a good moment) and I told him.

He took it well, and said I was not the first person he knew with this.  Then we had to get back and into the meeting.

During the break in the meeting we had a drink and took me to one side so no one would hear and said the following with a look of total seriousness on his face:

'Never forget that no matter what differences there are between your head and your body - you are a great, and very nice, person.  Always remember that'

I'm welling up just writing that - I just thought that it was such a wonderful thing for him to say.  And to take me aside especially to say it.  I'm blown away.

Now to see if my weekend can be as good.


  1. Just remember that you're a wonderdull person. And as long as you're hart is in the right place and it shows, that's what people are going to see :)
    You will get some negative responce somewhere in you're live, but if so, think about the people who do care.

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  3. Now you have my eyes welling up, Stace. What a beautiful guy, and from what I have learned from reading your blog, he was spot on! :-)

    Melissa XX

  4. That's such a positive coming-out experience! Remembering your tales of your bigoted idiot colleague, it's fantastic to find you have other colleagues who are so nice.

  5. Dave: I'm hpoing you mean wonderfull there and not wonderdull (otherwise we are having words tomorrow!)

    I have no doubt there will be some bad responses if I keep telling people. I'm still terrified of telling my brother...

    Melissa: He is a very nice person. And thank you :)

    Jenny: I don't think I'll be telling the other guy for quite some time yet (if ever...)

  6. Oeps... :)

    Of course I mean wonderfull!!

  7. I am so impressed how you are handling this. You have had many sucesful experiances coming out to people and it must give you confidence.
    I also think it is a testiment to you.

  8. Dave: Oeps indeed :)

    Lisa: I wouldn't be too impressed if I were you. A lot of this has come about through various panic or anxiety attacks.

    Though I will say that whilst I am not ready to shout it from the roof tops, I have stopped worrying too much about people finding out accidently...


  9. Yay on both the work colleague, and the waist line :)

  10. Thanks Jess :)

    Should be going for lunch on Thursday to talk about it with him more...


  11. What a wonderful and open minded friend you have, Stace.

    As I was reading, I was expecting the worst and got the best!

    Calie xxx

  12. I was really impressed with how open he was, and how he has taken an interest not only in my well being, or also that of Mrs Stace since then.

    All in all I do think that it was a very good decision to tell him.