Sunday, 7 August 2016

Best foot forward

Another Sunday, another long run! Well, long for me :)

After the awful run last week that I had to abandon after just 4km (I had given up at 3km, but was still running, at 4km I just had to stop and walk the last 2km...) I was more than a little nervous. Esp after the party yesterday and lack of sleep last night.

And, indeed, during the warm up I felt twinges. But keeping the pace and heart rate down I managed to continue OK. Once I got inro the main running though it was fine. I didn't do mini intervals this time just a nice slow tempo (140bpm) 3 x 20 mins (plus a quick 3 mins at the end).

At the 2/3 point I  was walking in a recovery phase and got a gorgeous shot of the clouds and sun. And then I was playing and got a shot of the pavement and my foot just happened to be in shot. Seeing as I have lots of clouds I thought I'd do the pavement this time :)

At the half way point I came across a triple flight of stairs (3 x 8 steps, or thereabouts) and so decided that whilst I wouldn't do speed intervals, I would do do the steps circuit (up the steps, down the path to the cycle descent back to the bottom of the flights) 5 times. Stupid. I did it fine, but my oh my, am I in pain now! 

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