Sunday, 17 November 2013


I don't really have that much to say this week... So I'll apologise for the ramble from the start :)

This week has been a real energy week. I've still been tired in the evening, and asleep by 9:30 most weekday evenings, but whilst working the energy has been really flowing.

The project I'm working on seems to be coming together, just one more company to get working and then I can move onto the 'luxury' part of it. Getting the base connections working for each company has been my priority until now.  However, now I have some more time I can work on the extra information that we want to include, the part of the project that has been on the back burner until now!

Home?  Well, aside from really, really wanting my house back, it's going well.

The bathroom ceiling has been re-plastered this week. It was starting to look very tatty, and also the existing plaster was starting to fall away from the concrete it was (supposed to be) attached to.

The outside of the house is now finished and looks superb. All shiny, no wood showing and all of the repairs have been done in such a way that I can't see where they were even made.  Very happy, I just hope that it's a few years before I have to pay that amount of money again to have it redone!

And the attic...

Well.  Wow.  Really, wow.

Our initial idea was to remove all of the kick panels between the ground and the sloping ceiling and replace them with sliding doors to make access easy.

That idea was pretty much killed last Sunday when I was emptying the space behind them. I removed the access panel and for the first time noticed a big red sticker on the framework behind.  A big red sticker that said (in Dutch): This is a load bearing construction, do not remove this or any other part of the construction.


No sliding doors then...  So they have been plaster boarded, plastered and will be painted the same as the rest of the room.

And it's *almost* done.

All surfaces that should be plastered are, and are drying out slowly. The wood has been sanded and yesterday the undercoat went on.  The access panels to the kick panel space have been prettied up and made more easy to remove and replace so that I don't need power tools to store our stuff (or get it back!).

And it looks amazing! Even without the paint.  When it was just the framework for the wall I was thinking how small it looked.  But once it was finished with plaster board it suddenly transformed into a room.  And now it is plastered it looks even better!

The builder comes back on Thursday to start painting, and I am hoping that by the end of the week I can put the laminate flooring in, and then get a load of friends and colleagues to move and build furniture and shift 570 books up one flight of stairs. Oh, and to load up a trailer with all of the roof tiles and other rubbish that is piling up in the garden!  And rebuild the garden furniture.

I'm going to do a winter BBQ as a thank you to them - lots of bratwurst sausages in the Weber BBQ and lots of Gluhwein to keep us warm!

I imagine that will be in two weeks time - meaning that if the builder does go over time everything can still be done.

And then the fun can start - painting the baby room!!!  And getting the furniture.  I really can't wait :)

Yes, there is still a lot of work left, but I can now see the end - and I can see what it's going to be like!


  1. A friend once offered the most accurate description of adulthood that I have heard: "The point when you can't convince your friends to help you move with some beer and a pizza." Just so. :-p

    Your house really does sound like it's going to be stunning. I do hope we get to see the finished product!

    Get your rest (says the pot to the kettle)! ;-p

    == Cass

    1. To be fair they have told me that I don't need to feed them for the help. But it will be fun to do it anyway :)

      I'm sure that there will be pictures of the finished rooms (as long as they get finished...)


  2. I'm knackered after just reading that! Are you going to work for a rest? :-)

    It does sound fantastic, though, and I think it's great to start to see renovations come together and rooms take shape. All sorted for Xmas with a bit of luck too.

    1. I'm not sure that 12 hour days are rests... I just seem to have everything arriving at once :)

      It will be stunning when done, and with the exception of the garden, which isn't pressing, it means that the house will be finished for hopefully a decade :)