Monday, 11 November 2013

That's one done...

Still all go here, and still bloody sick too :(

Though that does at least seem to be getting better!  A bit...  I may even do a small run tomorrow.

Over the lest week my father in law spent 8 days in our house decorating the bedroom. So during the week whilst we were working he was busy with the room.

And we were living in two tiny spaces in the house as the attic was emptied and our bedroom was emptied. Into the spare room and the living room.  Lovely.

Saturday I was told off for working like a crazy woman (quote from my sister in law) with the steamer trying to remove the old wall paper. Stupid, but hey, it needed doing and not working like a crazy woman would have meant yet another day with the room not done...

We also had a full house both days on the weekend - father in law and sister in law in the bedroom with me stripping the walls and mother in law, brother in law, two nieces and my nephew downstairs.

I will admit that at one point I was on the verge of fainting, at the top of the steps trying to strip the sloping ceiling, scalding myself repeatedly with the steamer and swearing at the paper for not letting go from the wood!

Sunday was less physical, but maybe slightly more stressful. My father in law and sister in law stated the wall papering, and there was not that much for me to so (I can't hang wall paper!).  At the end of the day two and bit walls were done!

Monday and my father in law started in the 'feature wall', or to put it another way - the only wall that would have coloured wall paper on it :)

Only... There was a problem, the first roll showed how bad the paper was.  It tore, it didn't cut with a stanley knife and was basically a complete pain. The second roll was even worse, it was a good couple of shades lighter than the first (and yes, both rolls had the same batch number).

Crap, back to the shop to ask and their answer was basically: You're hanging it wrong.

As Mrs Stace said, would they have tried that with a guy?

Even with a picture of wall, showing exactly how much the colour was different we were told simply that a colour difference isn't technically possibly as they are from the same batch. I pointed out the picture again and said that apparently it was...

Long story short they refused to do anything about it, saying it's not their decision. They are waiting for an answer from the maker of the paper.  Only, not the maker as they have also said it's not their problem. We are waiting for the guy in between the shop that sold it and the maker.


We had to buy another roll, as we had a bit too short after the rips in the paper from the start, and we had to buy paint to cover the paper and make it all one colour.

And hide the pattern of the paper that we bought it for.  Not happy.

Anyway, the bedroom is done now - it looks amazing and I'm sure that when the stress of the building work is done it will be worth it (not wanting to sound unappreciative of all the work - I just could have done without the added stress :p).

On Friday they came and did the attic for us (time for the other one :p) another 7 hours and there was a dormer on the front of the house - and again the view! - and putting the Velux windows on the back. The room now has so much light it is unreal!

Mind you, moving more than 100 roof tiles from the attic, down two flights of stairs, and into the garden has not done me any favours. Dust and just OMG the physicali

And the painter has started to do the woodwork on the outside of the house (woot, it's protected for winter!), working away for two days so far with two people, and another day to come!

And Today he started making the room in the attic for us.

Please, please, let it be done soon!

Oh, and even with being sent home ill on Monday I managed about 45 to 50 hours last week, and this week is going to be similar.

Hopefully we will get to the end of the stress from the building soon.  And hopefully the stress of the health insurance season will get less soon - as soon as the last links are built and working I can concentrate on keeping them running.

It will all be worth it, I just wish it was done already.


  1. > You're hanging it wrong

    Why is it tempting to fetch a rope and use a lamppost to enlighten said retailer to the finer arts of hanging? :-) Oh, by the feet for a day or six. I'm not a monster you know :-D

    Yeah, DIY it's a pain, but it'll be sooo worth it when it's done. Extra room - and not just for shoes!

    1. I did enjoy pointing out the logical error of saying that the mistake can't happen...

      I like your idea of education :)

      Yeah, I'm trying to see the end of the tunnel... And trying not to think of deadlines!


  2. Hmmmm not a great brush off! No consumer credit act in NL's ?

    We are of course now expecting pictures of the bedroom, the view AND the kitchen !

    1. When I tried sales of goods I was simply told that in Holland there is a clause that gives them two weeks to decide what they are going to do. Hohum.

      I'm sure they will be forthcoming. The bedroom is just waiting for the curtains to be made, the attic will get painted for us, so finishing that should be possible. As for the Kitchen, if we can agree on a colour (it's only been 16 months in discussion) then my father in law has offered to paint it for us.

      We may get there at some point! :)


  3. It is a pain. Been there, done that. But, as Lynn says, it will all be worth it when it's done.

    1. I'm sure that when we look back it will seem much easier than it does at the moment. Hopefully less than a month until that point (including nursery). I've offered a winter BBQ and Gluhwein to some colleagues to help with the heavy lifting :)


  4. Best of luck with everything, Stace. And please take care of yourself!!! We seem to keep sayin this to each other; guess it's my turn now. :-)

    == Cass

    1. Thanks Cass, I'll do my best!

      This time of year is always busy and stressful in the office, hopefully everything will work soon and I can relax a little :)


    2. Same here at work; I keep hoping things will quiet down, but they seem to almost instantly pick up in intensity each time it seems we are approaching a lull. Hope it soon ceases for both of us…

      == Cass