Monday, 2 December 2013

A week off...

It's been a few weeks since last posting, and there is a very good reason for it.  I just have not had the time or energy to do it!

My life has basically been:

Wake up at 5:30
Shower, dress, cappuccino and breakfast, hair and make-up, more cappuccino :)
Go to work
Work through lunch
Get home, fire up the laptop and work some more
Spend an hour or two cleaning and moving belongings around to make space for the other rooms
Fire up the laptop and spend another 1/2 hour working
15 to 20 minutes relaxing (I spoil myself sometimes)
Go to bed at 9:30ish and fall asleep to Jonathan Creek, The Office, The Vicar of Dibley or Gavin and Stacey (both Mrs Stace and I are too tired / lazy to pick up a book at the moment, and we feel guilty because of it)

Start again the next day.

Weekends have been largely similar, only getting up one or two hours later and doing a little less work and little more around the house.

However... This week, rather this second - the guy is busy upstairs, we have reached a milestone!

We are not going to work on the house this week in the evening.
I am going to try not to work late, or work on the house this week

I am going to go running on Wednesday evening (you may notice that was missing from the list above)

You see, assuming evey thing goes to plan for the guy in the baby room we have reached the point of being ready for Kleintje to make an appearance. The baby room is painted, the lamp on the ceiling has little clouds on it (since an hour or two ago) and has three LED lightbulbs in it (they have improved so much in the last couple of years, and come down in price so much too!). The guy is busy putting together the furniture. We decided that we would pay for it to be done - I had heard that it is rather less well designed than Ikea for home building and takes an age, the guy has been busy for over an hour and he knows what he is doing. If it was Ikea furniture I would have had it done by now!

But it means that no matter how messy the house is the main room is finished.

The attic is almost finished as well (thanks to colleagues and family-in-law) The desk is up there, the bookshelves are full (even if out of order) and the mattress is ready for the new bed it is going to get.

It's untidy still, but it is there and the furniture is not in the baby room, which was the important part!

The garden is empty, the terrace furniture back in it's place (but needs cleaning) and the table in the middle looking classy, even if I say so myself.

I can get to my bike again.  Even if it is a little cold to do 80mph without a heater ;p

Oh, and after taking all of the rubbish to the tip I was politely told that we had taken as much as we could without paying this year.  So whatever is left has to go in January :)

Wednesday I go back to the VU for my check up, and to discuss with the endocrinologist about how to fine tune my medication. The normal one, who runs the gender clinic, is away on personal business unfortunately, but I have no doubt that the other person will be able to help as much.

As long as things can keep ticking over in the office, and as long as I can figure out a way of cutting down the laborious copy, paste between multiple applications to get the data we need when there is a problem then I think that work is calming down as well.

I have been overdoing it, my colleagues are zombied out as well (one of them has my routine but replace working on the house with solving work problems) and we are all on the verge of collapse.

This week however,  I am looking after myself and chilling.  Next week we can plan what is left, in a realistic schedule and in a way that means neither of us is overworking ourselves.

And on that note, I'm going to sign off for another week :)

PS: Apologies for the bad spelling in places - my cat decided that my time would be better spent fussing him rather than typing this and tried to sit on the keyboard! ;p


  1. Hi Stace!

    Now *that* is a full week! Although I suspect these gents may be able to top you:


    Take is easy, hon! 'Tis the season, etc. etc. ;c)


    1. Where do you get these links! :)