Monday, 1 July 2013

Let's get moving

Where the hell does the time go these days? Just a couple of days ago, 2 weeks tops, it was the start of the year.  Now, not than a month later, it's suddenly July!

Did I sleep through all of those months (or do I just wish I did ;p)...

But. I'm another 6 months on. 6 months of seriously painful laser, and 1 session of more than painful electrolysis and a visit to a plastic surgeon. Whilst I've not been in a great place for the last 6 months I can see that things have been moving.

As for the hospital. Honestly I am not stressing any more about the lack of information. I'm tired from it all, and trying to recover from the stress, but the stress is not really there right now.

I am royally narked off though (Cass: there was almost another bad word there). My job is to plan things, it's to make sure that the processes we have are efficient, lack as much bureaucracy as possible whilst still providing the information that you need. And as much as I have been happy with what the gender clinic had done this far, this part of the process doesn't even seem to have a process. Hap hazard is an understatement. And it is for something that needs more than that.

So yes. The stress has made way for being royally pissed off... (There you go Cass)

And with the stress draining away a wonder virus seems to have taken it's place. There is a cold going around at the moment, and I guess that the stress has lowered my resistance to the point where the virus decided to take up residence.

So, exhaustion backed up by a bit of a head cold.

Well at least I didn't need to do anything and could just chill.


This week we moved our TFS server to our new environment, changing operating systems, SQL version and upgrading the TFS and SharePoint version at the same time. There have been enough practice runs for me to know it inside out, and we had some amazing help from an external consultancy (yes, we managed to find one that solved our problems, not added to them! Though out of all of the ones we looked for it was the only one that could!) and so I was as ready as I was ever going to be.

But, fuzzy head, blocked nose, tiredness and a throat full of razor blades was not going to help :)

So Friday I spent the day stressing about the migration, and trying to get as much organised as possible before actually starting.  But it worked! I had allowed myself time to do some cleanup before starting, but it was not needed - everyone had done it before I started.

And then... The second shift of the day - by the time I started I had already worked 9 hours - and after a bumpy start (the first DB backup did not work as I had hoped!) everything started to run.

By 23:00 I had got to the point where I could leave it to run overnight. Sleep!

The next morning I woke up really early, with the cold really going strong. A check on the migration (and again, a small hiccup, but nothing that caused lasting damage - I hope!) and then finish of the last steps. By 10:30 people were testing and by midday I was done for the weekend.

Now I'm just trying to get over the stress, cold and tiredness from the weekend.

Whilst finishing everything that I have to do in the next two weeks.

Oh well, no rest for the...



  1. I hope you are soon on the mend.

    > external consultancy

    What? One that didn't take the money and run, or one that sends a person round with the manual (unopened) to read on site? Wow, you've hit paydirt there! :-D

    1. I know! And even gave help via twitter after we had finished the consultancy. Great company, and a company that would rather teach you to do something than incur the continual consultancy of setting it up and then coming back for the maintenance.

      Better than the other company who a) didn't have a clue what was involved in the migration and b) had the nerve to look shocked when I was introduced as the techie and actually had the gall to ask 'Oh, so how technical are you'. They were not considered after that point ;p (I would like to point out that I was the *only* person on the technical team where they asked the question.)


  2. Hi sweetie!

    Glad to hear your project went well! Could you send that consultant over here? Please? When you read the post I am working on, you will know why. Just don't let them see it though, or they will flee in terror. lol

    So sorry to hear about your cold. I went through the same thing a month ago. The intensity and pace of transitioning is such that I think our bodies use these illnesses as a way to force us to slow down. Not that we listen, do we? lol Such is the fate of we worrier/workaholic types!

    Take care of yourself, hon! Sending healing, menthol-enhanced vibes your way... :D


    1. Hey there!

      Me too! I can't tell you how good it is to have that stress from my back! Phew.

      Now I just have to set up the new project structure before next week and get all of my other projects back up to date ;p

      The cold sucks but I have had worse. Tiredness doesn't help, and neither does the stress of the last few weeks - but then I half think that the cold is caused by the stress as well!

      (I'll be honest I am thinking of taking my Apple outside into the warm summers air (yes we have it again, for one day only!) and do some work in the open.

      If I can read the screen that is!


    2. Yea to working outside! I spent my entire day in an airless, windowless conference room. :c( With three developers, no less. (Sorry!) Hardly the way to spend a lovely early summer day! lol

      Get your rest, hon!

      == Cass