Saturday, 6 July 2013

Long hair is dangerous!

Really short post!

Firstly, well done Cass!  I'm really proud of you!

Secondly, I am in so much pain right now :) The smiley face is for the way I injured myself...

Whilst conditioning my hair this afternoon I reached behind my head to rinse the hair and... OW!!!

My right shoulder froze and I spent the rest of the time rinsing my hair going, 'ow, ow, ow, ow, ow'

Yup... I pulled my back out rinsing conditioner out of my hair. That's a new one, even for me!

That was about 8 hours ago and it still hurts now :(

Hopefully I am going to be able to run in the morning...  We'll see!



  1. First of all... thank you, hon! :#)

    Second... I am not laughing *at* you. Just *near* you!

    We really *are* birds of a feather, Stace! I can totally relate. I have strained my neck while washing my hair in the morning - twice! I stuck my head under the faucet in the kitchen (hey, I was still a guy at the time! lol), reached to get the shampoo... and OUCH!!!

    We won't even get into the number of times I've cut myself while shaving my legs - by dropping the razor on my foot. :D That is difficult to achieve even if you are *trying* to do so!

    I hope you at least have shiny hair right now... ;c)

    Thank you again, sweetie!


    1. You are more than welcome!

      I can't believe how simply it happened! One monute I'm fine and the next it was 'ow!' Followed by many more as I finished rinsing my hair, drying myself and then blow drying my hair and doing my make up:)

      I'd like to say a good nights sleep did it good, but that wouldn't be completely truthful ;p

      Quite how I'm going to condition my hair today I don't quite know 8$ (We'll see if it stays shiny!)

      I've dropped razors enough times, but I must admit that I have not managed to cut my legs at the same time :) Yet!

  2. Worst time I put my back out was reaching for a postage stamp...

    Putting such computing power in such an ill designed carcase was a rotten idea, some entity should have spotted these faults at an early meeting... Sympathy!

    1. The simplest things!

      I don't know it's never used as proof against intelligent design. After all, the design is not all that intelligent (from gestation to growing old!). So easy to break, and so fickle that it's defence system will attack itself!

      If it was a computer system the bug list would be huge!!!!



  3. Hows your height now?
    Usually the spine compresses about an inch during hormonal transition. Personally never had any problems with/around my back until the last couple of years, though of course there's posture change too.

    1. My height now is about 2cm less than it was 18 months ago...

      And that is something that I wasn't expecting :)

      Though, I don't think that is the cause here. I have had a few issues I the past with moving wrong and I'm in pain for a few days! The worst was a few years ago when I slept wrong and when I woke up I could barely move my head. 2 hours before having to drive 800km. Warm towels and pain killers meant I could drive - but it took a week or two before it completely freed up.


  4. Hope that you recover from this soon.

    Strangely I was talking with a colleague today and she's just started back at work after having shoulder problems and needing key hole surgery to sort it out. It takes her a while to be able to lift her arm high enough to wash her hair in the mornings and she's got to do a series of exercises every day to help her arm and shoulder heal.

    1. Thanks, it took about a week and a half before it went completely - but then driving for three days and sleeping in two hotels didn't help:) Neither did my parents spare bed possibly!