Sunday, 17 February 2013

Still going

Don't worry, I haven't dropped off of the world - I've just spent the last two weeks working too many hours doing too stressful things to be able to do much and today (which I had earmarked as an absolute de-stress day) fighting a sudden, urgent new requirement for work.

I'm stressed, exhausted and to be honest pissed off that I have spent more than 6 hours working on a Sunday.

Ergo...  For now I don't have the time or energy to write anything.


Stace :(


  1. Sorry to hear that, Stace. :c( Hope it goes as quickly as possible.


    1. Thanks Cass.

      Most of the time I can take it. But I have noticed that by 2pm or so I have started to feel really ill in the office (but fine out of it). I put it down to a) the food, b) the water or c) the fact that the environment sucks (it's a wonderful 1930's school, but air circulation is non existent).

      It was only when shock organising of meetings for two days, following by crisis management week and then on Friday agreeing to do this change over the weekend has meant that I have been doubled in pain from my IBS...

      I am slowing down, I have shorter high prio lists and am going to start to look at what can be either delayed or delegated to make sure that it can get done.

      My current high prio list (I have split the short and medium into other lists that I don't have to look at hour to hour) is only 5 items long (and I hope that it is down to 2 by midday tomorrow).

      I don't know, I haven't felt this ill with work for a while (12 years or so!) and I want to make sure that I don't end up with physical burn out again. Thankfully my boss doesn't want to either and is going to keep an eye on me.

      I did get a compliment today though. The fact that I do not need attention, know my job and can just get on with it is something he likes, but obviously it means I am not on the radar; and when something like this happens he sees it only when I start telling him how bad I feel as I did today.