Monday, 17 December 2012

Amazing, wonderful, fantastic colleagues!

Well… Wow…

As I wrote last week it has been (now a little longer than) a year since I transitioned. I got everyone in my close(ish) group breakfast pastries last week, on the anniversary of telling people, to thank them for all of the support over the last year.  I’ve said it before, and will again, it would not have been anywhere near as easy as it has been without their support!

I spent the day speaking with people and finding out that the people who have started during the year never actually knew that I was transsexual – double woohoo; they didn’t see anyone except for Stacy and no one has been gossiping J There was only one downer from the conversations, and that was the one person who did say, “Oh I didn’t know!” during a conversation where the fact that it was a year came up (I was not present at that time, “But now you say it, yes I can see”.  Jammer, but never mind!

Then the day of 1 year living as Stacy came and I didn’t do anything special, living as me has been special enough as it is.

Half way through the day our DBA came and ask my boss for a quick word and they disappeared from the room.  Now I know that he wasn’t feeling well last week, so I just thought it was that.  Then suddenly there was a huge commotion in the hallway, with people starting to sing ‘Lang zal ze leven!’  I just assumed it was someone’s birthday (I can be rather stupid at times!), but then the whole department of development and projects came into the room and surrounded my desk.  My turn for the bowling ball eyes I think!  Something that I was just so not expecting J

My boss gave a little speech about what happened twelve months ago, and gave me a birthday card, with 1 on it of course, and a gift voucher for The Body Shop.  Wow…  Apparently on Monday evening someone in the team noticed that it was 12 months, went and spoke to my boss and they organised a collection and card for me.

I had to give a little speech of course, basically saying what I said above.  And, I’m ashamed to say it, ended up chocked up and could not finish – so my boss finished for me.

The words in the cards were wonderful, a little message from many of my colleagues.  My two favourite were (maybe paraphrased as the card is at home J):

“A year already? I hadn’t noticed; probably because you did it so well that there was nothing to notice; you’re still you!”

“You’ve grown so much in the last year, and are so happy.  And you’re not even (that much) more bitchy than you used to be”

Thinking back still brings a huge smile to my face.  I was gobsmacked, completely!

BTW Did I mention that I work with some absolutely amazing people!


  1. Need any Testers there ;-)

    Its great how people can be ....and as for the one who saw some else when looking closely.... Sounds a bit doubtful to me ....


    1. Well, actually... Yes, probably - although I think the commute could be a little too long for you :)

      It's unreal how good my colleagues have been. It's one of the reasons why when the slave traders call me with offers of amazing pay rise's that I don't take them up on it. As long as you have enough for a reasonable lifestyle there are more things than amazing pay packets - and I get most of them from my current job!

  2. ...went and spoke to my boss and they organised a collection and card for me.

    Wow. That is so very cool. What a top bunch of work-mates you have.

    1. Yes, yes and yes again :)

      That he did it was great, that my boss did something about it was cool and that everyone joined in for the present was awesome. Smiling again at the thought of it :)