Thursday, 20 December 2012

A compliment, a piece of good news and an embarrassing situation

Just a quick post about a few incidents from yesterday...

The first was in the office. Due to an issue we had recently a couple of external visitors were in to try and assure that a problem we had would not happen again.  We offered them a coffee or tea (we have a great espresso machine in the office since a couple of months ago - real espresso from freshly ground beans), but one of them wanted hot chocolate.  Something our old machine did, but the new one can't.

So I went to our car insurance help desk to use one of the old machines. There was a woman on a trip for coffee for lots of people and as I was trying to get a drink for an external visitor I asked if I could possibly get a couple of hot chocolates in between cups (something I wouldn't normally do, but I did not want to keep the visitors waiting).

Anyway, whilst I was getting my chocolate she turned to me and said, "I just have to tell you, you always dress so nice and look so good!  Seriously, I know a lot of women who could learn from you." Comments like that really give me a boost (something that I really need just before meetings with external people!)

Later on in the day I had to call our town hall to check that my name change form last week had gone through OK.  The local town hall needs legalized documents for name changes and this took some organising from the UK foreign office.  Once done though I can get my new drivers license and residency permit - with new picture, name and gender marker.  On the phone I was told, "Yes, it's all arranged.  You can get apply for your license tomorrow if you want."  OK, so the name is now Stacy and the gender female? "Yes, it's all in the system."

Woohoo!  That is something I was expecting to be difficult as Holland has different laws than the UK for these things, but it seems they will accept a UK passport to change things.  Another task ticked off!

And finally...  The embarrassment.

In a couple of weekends I start laser in preparation for surgery.  I know it's needed, but I am so not looking forward to it!

I do have a prescription for local aesthetic cream, and after work I went to get it.

The chemists was empty when it was my turn.  Happy face.  I gave her the prescription and she went away.  For a long time.  Three people showed up in the mean time.  She came back.  And started asking questions about the why and where it was going to be used so that they could give me the correct bottles.  Unhappy face.  Now I know that she was really trying to be helpful, but there was no way I could have answered her in such a crowded public place :(  I told her that and with nice vague answers we managed to get to a solution.  But, wow, was it difficult :)

Oh well, as the Dutch saying goes "Het hoort erbij!" :)


  1. Is the entire language a game of scrabble? I have only ever been able to recognise one word, wegoomlegging from memory. Learning the language must make any transition including the paper work seem easy...

    Wise to get ahead with the proper hair removal, it is something which many get held up with in the UK system, they arrive for first surgery consultation to be told that first before any dates can be set certain hair has to go and for some that can set them back six months or more!

    Yuletide greetings to our pinup girl.

    1. I'll be honest, there was zero paperwork in Holland so far. You take the UK documentation (which *was* a nightmare to get) into the town hall and they process it for you. No forms to fill in, it goes straight into the computer.

      Then you take your old license (and love hearing the sentence, "But you need to bring your own l... Oh I see!"), they go tappy tappy tappy in the computer and bing: they show you what your new license will have. Assuming it's correct your new license is ordered, and you even have a date when you can pick it.

      And all government agencies are updated at the same time! So the tax man, vehicle licensing agency etc etc etc all have my updated details now.

      As for the hair, the hospital told me that they have two waiting lists. The one for people who are psychologically ready (big check!) and one for people who are also a healthy weight (check), don't smoke (check) and have finished the hair removal (damn). Hopefully I'll be ready for the summer!

      Yuletide greetings back!


  2. Seems like the bad old, sad old days are long gone. Hope you and your family have a great Christmas.


    PS Still waiting for the jealousy inspiring kitchen pictures :-)

    1. I'll be honest here. Almost. Most of life is great. But there are still reminders that once gone will make it a thing of history!

      Merry Christmas!

      PS When we have agreed on the colour and painted it I'll show the pictures :)