Tuesday, 27 November 2012

That would certainly help...

I just had a wonderful off the cuff complement from a colleague who works in a different department.

I was microwaving milk for my coffee, and standing eating morning ontbijtkoek (sorry, I have no what it is in English, kind of a spiced cake) and she walked up and said (my poor translation coming up, sorry!):

I think it's fantastic that you still radiate happiness, since the first day of your transformation you have looked so happy it's been wonderful.  And that you still do now, congratulations!

Considering my last post this was such a welcome compliment, I have such a smile on my face at the moment :)


  1. Nice smile while eating ontbijtkoek? That sounds like the proof of the pudding, I guess. Good for you!

    1. I now have a picture of me smiling with crumbs dropping out of my mouth as I smile :)

      I suppose I should point out that the smiling was between bites :)

      After the last week though it was so needed!