Monday, 19 November 2012

Older, Wiser… Or just less Testosterone?

I’ve always been really careful about what to attribute to hormones, or rather changes in hormonal levels.  When I get tired I try to push through it and think about stress levels (even though the Endocrinologist disagreed and did say testosterone levels that are not measurable can do that to a person…) and whether I may have been pushing myself too hard (also quite likely).

Since starting on hormones I have been more emotional, that much I can’t deny, but I have not had any rollercoaster rides.

And yet…  Something happened this week to make me question whether they could be having an effect.

Grand Theft Auto V is due for release next year.  I have brought every installment since GTA III, and I find it quite good fun.  I know that there are lots of thoughts about whether violent computer games should be allowed, and my opinion is that as long as the age on the game is stuck to then I have no issues – never after playing have I felt the need to put it into real life (just the same as whenever I played cops and robbers as children we never felt the need to go out and hold up the corner shop afterwards).  If parents choose to buy their 6 year old children 18 games then the parents are at fault, not the games makers.

But I digress…

There was a trailer for GTA V this week, and I was looking forward to it.  But…  After watching the trailer I can say that I won’t be buying the game – I was actually shocked and almost turned the video off half way through.  The reason was one scene that just didn’t seem cartoony computer game violence and just came across as so real that it’s something I don’t want to do for fun.

And there is my question.  Am I older, and so not growing out of those types of games?  I am hesitant to say wiser, as I won’t complain if anyone else buys it (I know half of the office will have it on pre-order – good for them J).  Or is it down to a change in hormones, I’m wondering?

I’m really not sure…

Mrs Stace did at least joke that she saw one advantage for the process though…


  1. I loved GTA and played it endlessly using the cheats to blow up everything in might. Same with Goldeneye which I completed but still loved blasting everything with the various guns. A few years ago - just before I started HRT my partner bought me a PS3. In almost 4 years I have two games - both came with the game. Its only teal use has been as a blueray player or iPlayer. Same with films - loved good fellas - now the violence sickens me. I don't think it's a coincidence !

    1. I was discussing this with a colleague at work today who is going to get the game. He thought that is was quite amusing (in a nice way), and had noticed the scene I was talking about in the trailer - but it hadn't stood out for him; whereas it seemed to go on for an age for me.

      I have to experiment at the weekend I think. I'll get out GTA IV and Saints Row and see what I make of them...

      As to the gaming in general, I have not played on the 360 that much, but I have got a steam account now to play other games. I have Counter Strike: Global Assault and play online with guys from the office. I'm no good, but it's fun and (stupid as it sounds) the shooting in the game seems much more "laser quest" than the violence in the trailer.