Saturday, 31 December 2011


Well I had a post to write for this week, actually based on the 'fun' I had dealing with banks and the passport office last week, but I think I'll wait for next week.

For now I'll do a quick end of year post and relax again.

End of a year, and end of 35 year period of my life.  Last night I celebrated my nephews birthday, as was previously discussed I went as him, and if luck holds out with deliveries it should be the last time I have to go as him.  The party was great, being him somewhat less so.  But that is now history.  On to a new year and new challenges.

Ow?  I had my ears pierced today.  Ow.  A little at first, growing to a lot and now a faded throbbing.  But at least in 6 weeks I can wear the one of the presents from Mrs Stace that I got at Christmas :)

Happy new year all!


  1. No pain, no gain...

    Happy New Year To you both.

  2. Geluk en gezondheid for 2012 to you Stace and Mrs. Stace.
    Warme groeten.

  3. Happy New Year to you and yours!

    Ow on the ears, but fashion hurts baby! :-)

  4. Beste Wensen Allemaal!

    As to the ears, the pain has all but gone - only when I catch them when drying my hair or pulling on a T-Shirt. Just seems an age before I can take them out :)

    As the Dutch say:
    Wie mooi wil zijn, moet pijn lijden!