Saturday, 24 December 2011

Oh, er, oh...

Before I sign of for the Christmas weekend there is one last bit of my first week as Stacy that I wanted to post...  It was from the last day of the week, and put such a smile on my face that it was something I wanted to share.

We always do the shopping on Friday afternoons, on this occasion Mrs Stace had the day off of work so I was picking her up after she had finished the shopping so that we could get home after a stressful week and relax.

Before meeting her I wanted to pick up my St Christopher from the jewelers, where it had been re-soldered to the chain.  It's a really nice small pendant and chain that my parents got me to wear as Stacy a couple of months after we told them - and with the thought behind it makes it mean the world to me.

Now, the morning before leaving for work I had forgotten to pick up the slip of paper that says the pendant is mine.  I asked if this was a problem in the shop and was told it was fine, as long as I had ID.  Oh dear - all of my ID is still in my old name, with my old photo.

There were two ways I could do this.  I could either just say 'Oh well, I'll come back tomorrow I don't have any with me.' Or I could just get on with it.  I went with the second one.  'OK, but I do look a little different in the picture.'  Not to mention that they have a name and gender marker that does not match who I am, but hey...

I passed him my driving license.  He looked at it, then at me, then at it, at me again. One last time at the driving license and he said 'Well, you look very good!'  I laughed and said thanks, whilst he wrote the details down.  I had wondered whether it would be an issue - the owner is a very old man and looks very conservative, but no.  He was fantastic.  Sorted everything out for me and helped me look for a replacement strap for my watch that looks a little more feminine.  Fantastic way to end a great week!

With that I wish you all Merry Christmas (or happy holidays if you prefer)!  I hope you have a fantastic day celebrating whatever way you do.


PS Don't try to write a post whilst making risotto - I just nearly burnt our dinner whilst writing this...  Oops :)


  1. Merry Christmas and may you and the Mrs. receive many blessings from the true reason for the season.

    Hugs and Prayers,

    Cynthia XX

  2. There are times when Joe Public makes you smile. Happy New Year BTW!

  3. Hey Both,

    Thank you very much - I hope you both had a good Christmas break!

    It made me smile, and actually showed that when I *need* to I can actually out myself without going to pot. Not something I plan on doing too often, but good that I can!