Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Ow ow ow, ow ow ow

So for a while now a colleague of mine has been saying we should go climbing.  About 14 years ago I did my 10 week basic course and got my 'yes you know how to climb safely' card meaning that I could go into any climbing center in the UK and climb without having to do their introductory course.

But, that was not long before I left the country, and my life has been too hectic to make any kind of long term commitment needed to improve my ability.  I did a few weeks here, wait a few years and then do a few more years, another gap and try again.

Today I went with my colleague (actually I have only just got home) and tried again.  After a gap of more than 7 years.  I found my climbing kit yesterday and gave it a clean.  Well I say kit.  Shoes and chalk bag is a better description.

We got there and I remembered just how much the shoes hurt!  Heels have nothing compared with a decent pair of climbing shoes!

We tried a few different climbs, and my arms started to seriously hurt.  I had forgotten that too :)  Not only is my technique awful, but my arms are not used to that type of punishment.

After 7 climbs (and a couple of hours) I called it a day.  The pain was too much and I could barely manage the easy ones!  But it was great fun - and we are going to try and make a regular thing of it.  Hopefully I can get to the point where I do not struggle to type when I am done!


  1. Think of the calories burned and the good the work-out will do your arms... at least, reflect on the above once the painkillers have kicked in. :-)

  2. I was thinking of the calories! Actually I was thinking, wow this is so much better than running! Mind you I am not sure about the impact it is likely to have on my forearms!

    Painkillers of wine and wider helped :) As my ex-boss has worked for the company for 10 years today the Champagne breakfast his new department organized helped as well :)