Thursday, 11 August 2011

I feel so guilty!

I had an external meeting this morning at one of our suppliers; we are looking into changing our database server and wanted to know what the possibilities are.  As it's a difficult thing to get across via email between 4 people I thought it would be a better idea to get everyone around the same table and get some ideas flowing.

I arrived a few minutes before the DBA, buzzed the reception and let them know who I was there to visit and was let into the car park.  Seeing as I had a few minutes before he would arrive I spent my time checking mails and blogs (Smart phones are wonderful, I hate being without mine now - though Mrs Stace does not always see it that way when I am constantly checking it in the evenings...)

Anyway back to the story, the DBA arrived and we had a quick chat about what we wanted from the meeting and went inside. At the reception and let them know we were there, got our visitor badges and waited for out service manager to come down and take us to the meeting room.

When he arrived he was started a conversation with the receptionist about another visitor - I only caught half the conversation but it seems that someone was missing.  I assumed that this would be their logistic and architecture guru who was going to tell us what our options were; after all they are spread across multiple locations and it is not unlikely that they would have to travel across Amsterdam to get to the meeting.

He collected the DBA and myself and led us through the meeting room where he explained that we may be joined by a mystery guest!  Apparently a woman had buzzed to be let into the car park 5 or 10 minutes before we walked into reception but the only people to walk into the building were my colleague and myself.  It was a mystery as he was not expecting any other external visitors that day.

I worked out the time in my head and almost cracked up.  It was me.  I had buzzed reception and then waited for my colleague to arrive - which was 5 or 10 minutes.  Then we walked into the building together and she must have assumed that we arrived together.  Whilst waiting in the car park there was no one else who arrived.

Why the guilt?  There were three other people in the room who didn't know this and I could not explain it to them either - I'm not that out yet!  When we left they were still trying to work out who it could have been.  I did tell the DBA when we left, after all he knows Stacy, and he cracked up - he assumed I had accidentally said Stacy when arriving - to be honest I didn't say anything, just that I had a meeting with the service manager.

But the fact that it happened really made for a wonderful morning.  There is nothing like a little validation when you are not looking for it that can perk you up!


  1. The mystery of the vanishing woman

    How great is that !

  2. I've had it since I was young on the phone - but I have never had this situation before :)

    It was fun...


  3. :) Thinking back to it still makes me smile