Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Vacation, what vacation

Well I've been back in the office now for 2.5 days and I am shattered...  Not as stressed as before my holiday, but very tired.  It's hot and humid here, with thunderstorms only providing brief respite from the oppresive air - at night it takes an age to get to sleep, then the alarm goes at 5:40 again the next morning.  I think I may sleep well at the weekend!  Hope so anyway...

My boss has just given me some scary news, that I have to prep for this afternoon.  He on going on vacation for the next month or so (out one week, back one week then out for three) and so I have to take care of the job applicants in his absence.  My name is currently on a number of job openings that we have on Monsterboard and our web site.  Gulp.  I normally sit in interviews very quietly listening to what the applicants are saying (or not) and asking a few technical questions.  I then give my input as to whether I think they are suitable for the job / our environment.  I looks as though I am going to be the one leading the interview whilst he is away...  Nice to know he has the faith in me, it's a scary prospect of actually doing it though...

I'm also struggling for idea's for presents at the moment.  In a weeks time my counter increments by another year and my in laws are asking what to buy me.  Problem is the things that I would like are expensive (Mrs Stace would say most of what I want is expensive ;p ) or things that I am not sure how much I am comfortable asking for just yet (like a contribution towards the second wardrobe that I am now building seeing as I would like a choice of things to wear when I go out)...

I'm struggling to make my point understood with Mrs Stace about that as well.  I have a couple of outfits, which I like, and she doesn't see the reason why I don't just wear those.  But...  Yes I like them, but they are old, or maybe not quite the best fit.  Or other small niggles that pull at my self confidence.  Going out, whilst I'll admit went better than I was expecting, is still a big thing for me - and I suspect will be for a while.  The thought of going out in something where I am not 100% comfortable kills my confidence somewhat and is something I would rather avoid for a while.  It's bad enough in man mode to leave the house in clothes I am not totally happy with - as Stace, at present, it's worse...


  1. You can never have too many outfits. It's a bone of contention between me and Mrs. J, our limited wardrobe space is being competed for.

    How about asking for vouchers? In UK terms, something gender nonspecific like John Lewis or M&S, for example, which of course you'll spend on bloke stuff, naturally...

  2. I bet you'll do just fine with the interviewing. As you said, you've been part of the process already. Just keep breathing and know that you belong in that seat.

    As for presents, I think Jenny has a good idea. We'd call them gift certificates.

    I understand about outfits. It takes quite a while to find what works best for you. I've gone through a lot of clothes that seemed to work at the time but then I realized didn't work so well after all. I do have a pretty stable wardrobe at this point, always growing and changing of course, but it took a long time and a lot of experimenting to get there. And yes, when you know you look good, it does wonders for your confidence.

  3. By this logic I doubt your wife will ever have to buy herself any clothes ever again! No problem finding the money foe expensive toys now.

    Caroline xxx

  4. Would Mrs. Stace be content with only a few outfits in her wardrobe? A girl can never have enough clothes or shoes for that matter.

    As for vouchers, or gift certificates, they are great, because you get to purchase what you want, but be prepared to have to describe your purchases, if they ask you what you bought with the gift certificate they gave you.

    You will do fine leading the interviews. Don't worry about it.

    Melissa XX

  5. Hmm, I think I may have made Mrs Stace seem bad here... That was not the intention, she has been really supportive - this just seems to be one of the bones of centention. I'm sure we'll cross it - it's just not fun trying to get her to understand my point; though I do have to say that her response of 'don't go dressed, problem solved' caused me more pain than I think she realised...

    I'm not sure about the gift vouchers as I don't know what shop to go to... I guess I have some time to think about it though.

    Thanks for the support about the interviews, I'm dreading the first round of viewing CV's and deciding who should come for an interview.


  6. Interviews can be daunting but you are obviosuly very good at them or your boss would not have asked you to take over. So congratulations that is a good pat on the back for you me thinks!
    As regards to clothes, it does take a while to find what you like and God if you are like me, what I liked a few months ago is not the same as what I like now!

  7. Well I have invited my first candidate for interview. See what happens now...

    As for the clothes it seems that the issue is more of Mrs Stace not quite being ready for shopping yet... So we've decided that I'm going solo shopping for a while... Wish me luck.


  8. Third rate solution!

    If Mrs Stace is not ready she should at least propose a replacement.

    Clothes shopping should not be done alone especially when we are at the stage where we hardly have a clue what is good for us!

    If Mrs Stace does not have anyone in mind, and I quess from you posts that you have some disposable income unlike me, then find somewhere where a personal shopper is available to help you.
    There have to be places where you live.

    Computa illiterate like me has just done a gargle search and found loads near you!

    Expect pictures of perfect gorgeousness if anonymous soon.

    Caroline xxx

  9. Yup it sucks, and yes I did get me down yesterday. But I can't lay any blame at the door of Mrs Stace here. She never signed up for this, and if she is struggling then I need to try and help her.

    As for the annonymous gorgeousness... Maybe :)