Saturday, 14 November 2009

'Tis Healthy To Be Sick Sometimes

According to 'Henry David Thoreau'.  Be?  I'm not so sure (and could have lifted that quote entirely out of context :) )

I sit her typing this whilst yellow goo keeps trying to escape my nose, with my whole body - including teeth- aching.  (Sorry for the mental images there :) )

It's been another hectic week.  After a weeks vacation I was still very relaxed on Monday, and into Tuesday morning.  By Tuesday afternoon I needed another vacation - my most inportant project should be going live soon, and the business *still* do not know what they want, and like to try and blame IT for not reading their minds.  Ho hum I supppose.

I had a moment of personal epiphamy this week.  Unforunately that has caused more issues than it solved, including a number of almost sleepness nights, - still not sure where I am going with it...  Whilst I wanted to share that I had the moment of clarity - I am not sure I want to go into details just yet.  Maybe when I realise what to do with it I'llshare more.  I also need to beable to think it through more (which isn't that possibe with a thick head).

And to end of a brighter note.  It's christmas in 6 weeks.  That means that I get to start baking my christmas cake (well should have started two weeks ago, but was too busy sorting the house out for my parents visit).  I love this time of year - and normally spend the next 6 weekends in the kitchen making mince pies (with home made, Delia mincemeat) christmas cake - or truding around the shops trying to think what my other half would like for a gift.

Well my cup is empty, so it's time to malke another cuppachino - and juding by the sound on the windows it's pouring with rain again...


  1. Only 6 weeks? Sheesh. Where did November go? :)

    Did you say mince pies? Yum!

  2. November? I think that blinked and missed it :)

    And mince pies, yum indeed. I have to say once you get them cooking you an 'smell' christmas...