Sunday, 22 November 2009

Slow down, you're driving too fast

I just finished an hours online gaming - Forza 3 on the xbox, with a few (real world) friends. I sucked. Lots... I don't get it I can play in single player mode, but put me against a few other people and suddenly I'm terrible. Still it was good fun...

Unlike the rest of my life the last week. With my head full of the stinking cold (and no lemons in home for my hot toddy pick me up) I seemed to be in a real downward spiral.

Work was not going well - I spent the last week trying to fix a server in the office (only to have to give up and get the thing reinstalled). And whilst spending all of this time fixing the server my other work was getting further and further behind.

The bathroom people cancelled without any prior warning. I called 1/2 hour after the appointment should have been to be told: 'We tried to contact you since Friday, due to a warehouse mixup he's not coming'. When I asked what number they had tried I was told that they had thrown it away as it seemed to be wrong. Something smells fishy there to me...

The whole TG thing was just getting on top of me totally. Once at home with my other half I'm not too bad - not totally great but almost. But when I'm not it seemed to be ripping me apart. Maybe it was just everything stacking up...

Hopefully this week the cold has gone and things will improve. Certainly over the weekend they were better - but that was spent 90% of the time with my other half, and as I said that's not too bad.

In fairness even with an appaling journey on the train to the office this morning - Fire alarm at Schiphol meant that all trians that run underneath the airport were late or cancelled, and when my intercity arrived it was only three carrages instead of it's normal 12 - I feel great at the moment. Fingers crossed.

And appologies to all out there who I have not had time to comment on. With everything that's going on I've barely had time to read the blogs, let alone leave the comments I've wanted to...

(And appologies for the random, rambling nature of this post - felt good to get it out though :) )


  1. Well, thanks for finding the time to visit me. That cold is going around I guess, both sides of the pond. I didn't have the toddy either, lacking scotch.

    Love your hair, BTW.

  2. I love the hair - but you wouldn't believe how long it takes in the mornings :)

  3. > Maybe it was just everything stacking up

    IMO a bad cold doesn't help either. A real stinker can bring you down and seem to suck the life out of you. Still, hopefully it'll be gone soon and maybe things will seem a bit brighter!

  4. Almost Lynn... Almost. Life was getting much better this week as the effects of the cold wore off.

  5. Well, I'm not into computer games, but I sure could relate to everything else in this post.

    The GID can certainly be made worse when you aren't feeling well. Been there, done that, and I really do need a tee shirt.

    And, about leaving comments....well, I'm always late, but I always read the posts.

    Calie xxx

  6. Calie: Thanks for the words - I'll try to find a supplier for the Tee's.

    Isn't it add knowing that you are not the only one going through issues makes life a little easier - and yet what you are actually saying is that you are feel better because others suffer too?

    People hey?