Saturday, 7 November 2009

Evening Tanya, been a while

Well it has been a while (since blogging and since watching Lock Stock) - and writing this is about the only time I have had to myself since then.

The household chores are finally finished (for now). The bathroom is almost done (except the ceiling and window frame - which can both wait), the spare room no longer has a hole in the wall (from fitting the sink waste in the bathroom) and has been completely redocorated. And in record time I think - 4 evenings to strip the old wallpaper, put up the new (fibre-galss) wallpaper and give it three coats of paint. It was finished literally hours before my parents flight touched down - thankfully the smell of fresh wall paint doesn't bother them.

Spent a wonderful week with my parents, took some real time off of work - haven't read a single email in the last 8 days and won't until Monday morning on the way to the office. We didn't do anything special (except for a meal celebrating my other halfs birthday with her parents as well - first time both sets of parents have been together since our wedding day I think), just spent a few days together. Was quite sad when they took off again to go home. I thinkt the best thing was to see just how well my dad looks after his heart attack 10 weeks or so ago. That has put my mind to rest quite a bit.

After the failed shopping trip a couple of weeks a go I finally found a black dress that I liked (and fitted my rather limited budget - hurrar for H&M, they had lots). Was interesting buying it though. I was shopping with my other half (she was looking for jumpers, me a dress) and she surreptitiously, whilst "checking" the label, held it up to check the size. I have to say that was the least enjoyable part of it - size 44 in order to get a waist of the right size. And yet I can get away with skirts of size 40. Hopefully I can pull it in a little if I lose a little weight running...

Well... I think that is my head emptied again, and I need to start my studies - going for an MSTS DBA exam in the new year and have yet to actually start the training book.


  1. Amazing that your other half is so accepting, Stace. You are so fortunate.

    The size thing can be depressing. One day I just decided that enough was enough and went on a 6 month self-motivated weight loss program. 60 pounds and has held steady now for several years. Mostly exercise and just eating right.

    Calie xxx

  2. Thanks Calie. I think it depends on her mood to be honest... Sometimes she's fine with it (although she doesn't like to see me dressed) and will help with shopping, she also lends me almost all of her clothes - that are 38/40: another reason why I was shocked at the dress. Other times she's more concerened by it. But she is great and I'm happy and thankful that she is accepting as she is.

    As for the dress and my size... According to BMI I'm 'Normal' (upper range, but still below 25). I buy small / medium bloke clothes and so was a little shocked that a 44 (18 in the UK!!!!) actually fitted...

  3. What's in a size though? If it fits, it fits :)

    I know one or two people who'll squeeze themselves into a "size they've always been." An old mate's beer belly would hang over his 34" jeans and a female friend, she'd look cut in half by her skirt.

    While something too big can swamp a person, clothes looking too tight can make you look bigger than you are. :)

  4. If it fits, it fits... But why the big number??? I have a bad enough problem with self image in bloke mode and that's when I buy medium...