Saturday, 10 October 2009

Thank goodness that weeks over

It's been an absolute nightmare of a week... After getting the bathroom finished we now have to clean the dust from the rest of the house.

On top of that I had a stinking cold that hasn't completely gone yet, and shows no signs of dissapearing yet (the sniffles and sneezes are over, but the lathargicness etc stays).

Then there is the fact that this week we had one day out of 5 when we were in home during the evening. So we also had a rather lack of sleep...

Then there was work... I have a number of high prority projects at the moment each vying for more of my teams time than I can give. No matter what I do I lose... Some part of the business complains that IT is not giving their project the attention it deserves. By the end of Thursday I was mentally and physically exhausted - and well aware that I had another day to go which was going to be even worse.

The cleaning of the house happened over the weekend as we had my sister in law (plus the rest of the family) coming over for food (and to look at the new bathroom) and had yet to finish cleaning up from it being fitted. *And* one of the local stores had an offer on some furniture we wanted (55% discount) so we had to get that, which involved me putting it all together Saturday night (and it all had to be sanded and waxed before I did it).

We still have a few jobs to finish, and a couple of big jobs to start - I'm just trying to work out when they have to be done so I can try and get some rest before it all starts again. As my folks are coming over for a weeks stay I think that at least one room is going to have to be redecorated before they get here as they would like somewhere to sleep.

On the bright side it all gave me something to write about :)


  1. Always look on the bright side eh? :)

    > it all had to be sanded and waxed

    Chest hair is a problem. :)

  2. As Sally says in Coupling 'Don't worry I've got a razor that will go through anything' :)

  3. Good luck with all your projects :)

  4. Jessica: Thanks - hopefully we'll be back in project mode next weekend. This week we both just crashed. When someone asked me this morning what I had done over the weekend I gave a very honest answer of "I've no idea". It was nice for a change :)