Monday, 5 October 2009

So very tired...

Well after two weeks of hard graft, ruining my hands and having to put up with my brother in the house (though to be fair the last was not as bad as I was expecting) we have a bathroom back again. And not just any bathroom, but an amazing one. Hats off to my bro - he's done a stunning job and left me with something looking like it came from a lifestyle magazine. We just have to keep it that way now :)

I've just emptied the camera of the last pics rebuilding pics, with some shots I took today with it being finished. I was checking them on the computer and got back to the before shots. It's impossible to imagine that they are of the same room. Of that one of the reasons we brought the house was because of the bathroom.

On top of the two majorly stressful weeks (or maybe because of that) I have spent the last two days with a stinking head cold. It started Staurday afternoon - I got very tired and drained - and by Sunday afternoon was sitting with a tissue stuffed up both nostrils as it was easier than constantly blowing it...

I'm over the worst of it now, but still ache and have a thick head.

Ergo... Another short post. Last week was writers block and this week it's simply that I am too shattered to try and write. Wish me luck for next week.


  1. There's nothing quite like seeing the fruits of your labours.... or the fruits of someone else who you've paid to do the job. :)

    ps: Good luck for next week :D

  2. It's a bit of both :) We paid my brother to do it (but family rates) but had to lend a hand too. So it was work all day followed by a few fews hours physical graft in the bathroom

    But yes when you look back at it and see the result it was worth it. I just don't want to go through it again for at least a decade :)

    Thanks... Hopefully things will start to return to normal again now :)