Sunday, 18 October 2009

Shoes, shoes and more shoes

We are redecorating ad hoc things around the house at the moment and one of the items up for discussion is the shoe rack. Working out the amount of shoes gave me a little surprise...

I own way more shoes than my other half. And they are not even en femme shoes (although they are mainly womens :) ). I have a couple of pairs of boots, a pair of hicking boots, a pair of hand made shoes (the only ones that fit me properly that are actually also mens shoes - brought for my wedding day, 2 pairs of boat shoes, 2 pairs of *everyday* trainers, a pair of running trainer, a pair of indoor court trainers, a pair of canvas shoes and a pair of deck shoes. Plus a pair of boots for in the bike a a pair of wall climbing shoes.

I make that 14 pairs. And I think I may have forgotten something...

I can only think that is too many... Or can men now buy as many shoes as they like?

Oh and well done Jenson!!!!!


  1. You could consider it too many... or you could consider yourself prepared :)

  2. But prepared for what? All shoe manufactuers going bankrupt at once leading to a world shortage of shoes.

    Scary thought...

    On the bright side at least my feet don't get "marinated" as Sally says in Coupling :)