Saturday, 5 September 2009

Go with the flow

Since the last post things have improved in life.

During the evening I thought about how to bring up the subject with my other half again. I didn't quite manage it until we were already reading in bed (BTW Really not the right time to do it...). It was a fairly heavy, but short discussion. I said what was on my mind, she said what she thought about it and tried to reassure me about how she feels - still doesn't want to be involved, but told me to continue - and discussed what to wear (we are about the same size so share some of our clothes - yes she does wear mine as well). I did feal somewhat reassured afterwards.

It took me a while to get to sleep afterwards, but things have been better since. On top of feeling better we have actually started talk about it a little day to day - at least including it in the conversation. See how things go over the next month or so.

As for the blog... I think I a going to change it a little... I was going to group everything together - but think I'll specialise a little more. I was going to d my first techie post. I had a great idea for a post ffrom the last couple of days at work. But... I just don't think that I discussing passing Enums around using .Net SOAP web services fits in with the other content. So I'll be making a new one. If it's going to be Stacy or my other self I am not sure of yet either... I would prefer to keep it as Stacy - but it's not something I can use on my CV... But is it really worth putting it on the CV... Thinking time I think.

To close I just have to link to this article. Well worth a read!

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