Saturday, 24 September 2016


I adore swing dresses. So much so that I've even been known to pick the dress over a new tech gadget on occassion :)

But in winter there are some drawbacks...

Namely that it's really hard to wear boots when you need to. Calf boots are just a little short to look good - the leg gap between the tops of the boot and the hem of the skirt isn't my favorite look!

So, I got an early Christmas present yesterday. My parents gave me cash to get some over knee boots to keep me warm! I won't wear them until winter (probably) but wanted to get then now whilst I could find some I liked.

Today was the check that they are long enough to go with a majority of my dresses. 40 minutes, 8 dresses (6 with petticoat) and a handful of skirts shows me that, yes, that are awesome boots and they will get an amount of wear this winter. And, yes, there are a couple of dresses and skirts that make the boots look a little more at home on the street than I would like. I think I have to be careful how I wear them.

Oddly enough one of my shortest skirts looks amazing with the boots (which I wasn't expecting - I was expecting mutton meets pretty woman with that one), whist a longer one looks totally wrong (when I was expecting it to look ok...)

This is one of my petticoatless dresses after I took it off. It floated to the floor and settled so nicely that it had to be today's picture. It's also one of my favourites and, whilst the leg gap makes an appearance with it, looks lovely with the boots. Our maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part :) We'll see when I wear it outside for the first time...


  1. Ah, midi dress and ankle boots: a tough look to pull off! The new boots sound fab and I hope they work both from a style point of view, and they keep the chill off.

    Fab photo BTW

    1. More thigh length boots :)

      I actually wore them to our office party this weekend (under a long swing dress) and they are amazing shoes! Walking 500m from the hotel to the party, dancing for 4 hours, walking the 500m back and I wasn't crippled! I class that as a win!

      And thanks, I love the way full skirts drop to the ground when you let them float. My British Retro full circle swing dresses are even better, I guess that needs to be a photo at some point :)