Sunday, 25 September 2016


Yesterday was about new boots, today was about new running shoes.

Well this morning was; this afternoon was about celebrating my mother-in-laws birthday :) A great time was had by all, and the little guy especially (he exhausted himself!)

But, this morning. My old running shoes were old. Really old in time (probably from 2013 or 2014) as 2014 and 2015 I hardly ran sure to the birth of my son, and a really heavy operation.

This year I have ran lots. So far  since 4th January I've covered around 450 kms and have built from 20 per month at the start to 70 to 80 over the last 4 months (with the vacation September isn't looking great. If I make 42 I'll be happy...)

And it shows (and smells :o) in the shoes... The padding in the soles has totally gone and they are falling apart...

So new ones! Yet more Asic Gels, as my last 4 or 5 pairs have been. And... Wow! The padding and support that new shoes give is always surprising, and this was no exception! When I got back my feet barely knew they had started, yet alone knew that they had done more than 10km over the previous 70 minutes. My knees were also felling pretty good and they are my week point.

The only issue... The material supporting my heel is still stiff, and so rather than shaping to my Achilles tendon, it chaffed. But the blister is already looking better, so I hope it's not going to be too bad!

So, the picture. This is a bridge about half way round my run today. There is a block of houses which back onto water  and a path that runs around both it and the houses. It's about 1km long, so a good place to make distance if you are ahead of time, and lose if you are behind. I was about on time today, so just one lap. The picture was taken during a rest in my intervals (I was tired and dropped the phone whilst taking it. Yet more damage, at least I hadn't had it repaired yet...). I love the ribs along the bridge and have been meaning to get the picture for a while. Considering the circumstances I'm happy with the result!


  1. Lovely picture, Stace. And, I love that you run daily. So good for your health and your mind!

    Calie xx

    1. Thanks Calie! This is one of those that I keep seeing as I run past, but never quite seem to be in a rest phase when I pass (and so don't want to stop to take the shot).

      I don't run daily (both home life and recovery (still) from the operation get in the way there. But I try to run three times a week, about 17km to 25km depending on if the group run is focusing on distance or increasing our pace.

      I do always (normally :) ) feel better after a run though!

      I hope that you and your family are looking after themselves OK,