Saturday, 9 July 2011

Well I guess I don’t need to worry about that then…

This week we decided to change our internet provider, we have just had a glass fibre connection installed and so we started to look at options.  Strangely enough at the moment getting a connection via that is not the best option – but as it was free fitting now, or 400 in the future we thought that there was no point in turning it down.

So earlier in the week we put the order in with the cable provider – TV, phone and internet for less than we are paying at the moment, cheaper calls and on top of that supremely quick connection (120mpbs down and 10 up – fibre would have given us a balanced 50mbps connection for the same money).

We never received a confirmation letter saying that we had our installation date and so I decided to call today, and also to our current provider to see what we can do to cancel the current internet provider but not lose the email that we have had for the last 7 years.

I called the current provider first.  Told her who I was and gave her the information to pull me details up – where she can see the ‘m’ marker and my name.  Still got Mrs the whole time…

After that I called the cable provider to see what had happened with our order.  Here I was very happy, but it was also quite bad customer service - only the situation making it acceptable.

This is something a little official, and Stacy is not yet official so when she called me madam I correct her.  ‘Oh, OK sir’. She told me that the order was lost in the system (not a great start to find out that the web order has disappeared into the ether) and that we would have to put the order in a second time.  ‘So Madam, which package did you want?’  I didn’t correct her a second time and she never switched back from Madam.

So…  Happy because even when I corrected her she still insisted on calling me Madam – as Mrs Stace said afterwards ‘Yes, that is going to annoy you isn’t it?’  Dripping in sarcasm obviously… But what did annoy me was that she didn’t listen when I corrected her.  It’s fine that I am over the moon with it; but I know that the rest of my colleagues would be much less than impressed to have been ignored.

But let’s focus on the good side, if the phone is the hardest test for the voice on the phone then I don’t think I need to worry.  I’ll have to take that up with my therapist – should I still go to a voice coach to improve it?  Or if the voice is taken as female on the phone should I live with what I have and not have to change another part of me?  Is it going to be an issue for those who know him to have the voice that they put with him as her? I do know that people who know me in person say that they can’t hear a woman when I speak.

I know that my other therapist (Mrs Stace thinks I’m greedy in having two) was saying in my last session that my voice and my Adams apple were no barrier, and that when I speak it’s not giving me away at all…

Something to think about….


  1. Phone can be a pain since it can be quite analytical but don't stop trying to improve the voice just because it is accepted, go for a bit more polish!

    Are you after a prize for quickest transition?

  2. I haven't started yet... To be honest when I was younger I was a little embarrassed when answering the phone at my ex's house and everyone assumed I was her mum... These days I'm more than happy at it, as you can imagine.

    As for the faster transition - I think I have missed that boat a long time ago :) 20 months in the making so far, and another 5 at least to go before I go full time...


  3. Stace! Remember me?? How are you? Things here are wonderful - don't know if you know but I blog on my new one at hope all is well!