Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Happy, happy, joy, joy

Just a quickie - cause I'm really happy...

I just got off of the phone with my cable provider (cold call whilst at work, but hohum).  It was one of the wonderful conversations where I was called Mrs from start to finish.  In Dutch as well.

I really have to figure out just how I speak on the phone and try it when out as Stacy...

(Shame the guy from the cable company was not so happy - I turned down his offer of premium sport and film channels before he even started his spiel)


  1. Interesting isn't it? The last time I called to schedule a checkup with my HRT doctor, the whole conversation was; "When would he like to come in?", "What is the patients name?", "Has he been here before?" She never ma'amed me but it was obvious she thought I was calling on his behalf.

    My favorite though was calling a credit card company and hearing: "Ma'am, we really need to talk to him."

    The best part I wasn't even trying to sound female. My base voice has I guess changed that much.

    Congrats to you it is an amazing feeling!!!

  2. It's the only thing that makes cold calling worth it.

    These days I just enjoy it when it happens (as long as it's not an offical call when they need to know that it's male me).

    In the past less so... When I lived in the UK and I answered the phone and was mistaken for my ex's mother for example...

    As I say if only I could figure out how to bring it from the phone into face to face talking.