Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas Presents

Just a quick post-Christmas post...

Mrs Stace and I have a wonderful Christmas day.  A late brunch, opening presents under the tree, and a Christmas lunch that started at 4 and ended at nearly 9 (we decided to leave a large gap between courses so that we wouldn’t feel stuffed).

I received some wonderful pressies from Mrs Stace and my parents.  As normal we went way over budget (my fault I just can’t pick presents for Mrs Stace and want to get her the lot…)

But some of the best were not the expensive ones, some were cheap but full of thought, others were free and just full of thought.  As I said Mrs Stace and I had a wonderful day together.  What more could you want for Christmas :)

Any my mum gave me a fantastic present on the phone.  She called to wish us Merry Christmas and to see what we had bought each other (but I couldn’t tell her as we had not opened the presents by then).  We chatted for a while and then she had to go as they had people coming for drinks.  Just before she went she went really quiet, into a whispter.

‘And babe, merry Christmas Stacy’

What more could you ask for from your parents…



  1. What a great Christmas. Glad you had a good one.

  2. Belated Christmas wishes, Stace. Sounds like you had a good one.

  3. Merry Christmas, Stace. I'm betting this was the best one evah!

    Calie xxx

  4. Thanks all.

    I was one of the best Christmases :)