Monday, 17 October 2016

Get me to the airport on time

Well, after a truly fantastic weekend, it's time to go home! I was warned that airport security was a pain and we were worried about traffic so we left with plenty of time to get there. 

No traffic and security in 5 minutes mean that I have two hours until the gate opens, and nearly two and a half until the flight is supposed to leave! Never mind, rather really early than 2 minutes late...

A wedding, family Sunday lunch and today shopping with my cousin (how my suitcase isn't too heavy I so not know!), who very kindly put up with me for a few days and I'm ready to see my family again! 

It's always a strange feeling, going home. I've loved my time here, and yet cannot wait to see my other half our my boy again!

A tinge of sadness this time as well. We all knew that the next time we will be together will be to say our last goodbyes to my father who is not well. I don't think that anyone managed to say goodbye to my parents when they had to leave the wedding reception early as he was too tired with dry eyes. And then everyone felt guilty for crying at someone else's special day.

So, whilst we all want to see each other again, we don't want it to be any time soon...


  1. Gracing the only-just-United-Kingdom so soon? ;-) Two hours in an airport with time to kill? Where's the duty free? :-)

    Sorry to hear about your, Dad. I remember you saying he's not well.

  2. Yup, just luck of family wedding plans. Too far apart for one long vacation so had to do a couple of short visits instead. This time was just me, spending a couple of days with my cousin (who I haven't spoken to much in far too long a time!).

    Duty free would have been an option, but I did it on the way out! (100 euros on perfume and Anastasia eyebrow pencils and gel...)

    But with an e-reader, a laptop, and lots of IT Crowd at my disposal it was fun enough :)

    Thanks, I have since seen dad on Skype and he is looking better again. Apparently the travelling (and staying in a house with stairs rather than his own bungalow) took their toll on him. We are still planning a trip to Scotland, but it looks like it is not going to be the urgent trip that we thought, thankfully.