Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Another orbit

Well, seeing as I like to be fair in my criticisms and issues I had to share this today.

I got one step closer to  leaving my thirties behind me today and the guys and gals in the office were amazing!

When I got there there was nothing to say anything special was happening, and I am not going to lie but with the issues I have been having recently I went into a self pity dive.

But, whilst serving the cheese and chocolate cake that I had baked to my colleagues someone walked in with a large present and a card. And, yes guys, in answer to your card: OMFG I am that old! :p

The present was a Nicko RC Porche GT 3 Cup. And it doughnuts beautifully on office linoleum floors :) We know, we tried a lot! There was a lot of laughs, and it was great fun!

Then I went back to my desk and found that someone had decorated it whilst I was serving cake and there was no way I was going to log back on for a while.

Awesome, truly awesome and just what I needed!

And then, seeing as there have been requests for the dress, and as I think the juxtaposition of full on 50's swing and modern RC car are fun, her is me with the car at lunch in our school playground :)

A great start at home with presents from the little guy and a wonderful card that he coloured in himself followed by this has made the day amazing. One of my best birthdays in a while.

Right, time for a rest, I'm too old for all of this excitement!


  1. Many happy returns! Sounds like you had a blast. Glad to read you had such a good time....

    Oh, and you're rocking the 50s look. X

    1. Thanks Lynn! It was a great, if not overly productive day (unless you count learning how to doughnut a car in your office as productive...) :)

      And thanks, I love the look and pretty much my entire dress collection has at least a nod to it (and several are full on like this one is :) )


  2. Blimey, that's a slightly daring angle :) Happy birthday!

    1. Yeah... I did check with my colleague that it was 'safe' :) I think the fact that there is more than 6m of netting under the dress for the petticoat helps :p

      And thanks!


  3. Happy birthday. Glad you had a lovely day xx