Monday, 8 June 2015

Times up

Scheduled post here, everyone is asleep so I can type for a change! This was going to be at the end of the holiday post, but I thought that maybe that was already too long and this didn't really connect with it!

So...  The past week has been a week of change for me. A few things have happened!

1) I have a degree in my name!

At last, I got around to posting my degree, with a legal copy of my deed poll to my old university and they sent it back with Stacy on it! Woot! I am so thrilled by that! Seeing as I am not going to change my birth certificate as I refuse to divorce my wife this was about the last change that needed doing.

2) I really tried hard to get some courage to do things differently

I'm really working hard to fight my fear at work and talk to people more. It's kind of working, but really hard. But the comments I have had back from most of my team make it totally worth it!

3) Our garden looks like a war zone!

We finally got around to getting our garden renovated (read rip everything out and start again). New tiles for the front garden, patios at either end of the rear and a 24m2 patch of astro-turf for the little guy to play on. Plus some planters where we can plant things that require almost no care to have a dash of nature without me having to spend time keeping it looking good. It's a mess right now, but if the half finished front garden is anything to go by then it is going to be amazing when done!

4) I've had a make over

A total one. Completely.

As I said in a previous post I have stopped worrying whether or not people think I am trying to hard and am just buying clothes that I love (OK, that means the trousers and jeans that I was planning on buying are not going to happen. Probably). I love the 50's look I have right now and that is what I am concentrating on!

I finally got the nerve to cut my hair as I want to. I've been wanting to do it for a couple of years and then always wimp out at the last minute. But this time I had it done. It was supposed to  be before I went to Scotland, but the hairdresser said that my hair was too bleached by the sun to take it so she died it reddish brown before doing the real colour a few weeks later.

And she cut about 7" / 17cm off of it (maybe more...) and gave me a new style that I love!

It did however take three hours to do, but the comments I got during and afterwards from the other hairdressers, and other customers who came and went whilst I was being worked on made the time worth it (OK, that makes me sound so vain... But nice comments are, well, nice sometimes!)

And... I got glasses. First world problem but... I've noticed that things in the distance just are not as sharp as they used to be. Nothing major, but it was grating. So I got my eyes checked and it turns out my better than medically perfect vision is now just perfect. Not a reason for glasses according to the optician. Until... he did the this is what you see without prescription, and this is with what I have measured and the difference was so startling that I actually exclaimed wow out loud. So he changed his mind based on that - though again said it wasn't needed, but if I was more comfortable with then I could think about getting some. Apparently it can happen that when you have great eyesight and then it changes just a tiny bit that you notice it a lot more than someone who has always had that level of eyesight.

So I got glasses. And again, with the whole fear thing, and the whole make over thing I went for broke. Not understated glasses, but ones that I loved (and was worried were over the top!!!).

I don't normally do pictures of myself here (because I hate them) but I love this one, so this is me now :)

Oh, and the title of the post???

Well, I had therapy on Friday again. And... We have decided that it's time to stop. Whilst I find the sessions relaxing, I don't have a goal for them any more, and my therapist said that whilst I am welcome to keep coming, and that he is going to miss me too, without a goal they are not going to help me much.

So... I go back in 6 weeks for my exit session and then it's on with life. 

I'm terrified.

(Of course if I need to then I can ask my GP for a repeat referral to him)

I guess real life doesn't begin at 40, it begins here a couple of years early :)


  1. The hair (love the colour and style) and glasses really suit you. I can see why you like the picture, it really is a nice one.

    We're doing work on our garden at the moment. Back garden had all of the plants and shrubs in the one border ripped out last year so that we could get the fence panels replaced. My family had a great time painting them last week. We now just need to work on killing off anything that comes up in that particular border so that we can put a membrane down, put pebbles on top of that and then put planters down at different points so that we have some plants but which are easy to maintain.

    The front garden will be having a fence put up later this week and we'll be doing the same for the one part of the border around the garden.
    Several weeks ago I had to remove brambles and a lavetera from the garden. We have to get rid of the bits of bramble and weeds that are coming up on the bare patch of earth and then dig it over so we can put grass seed down and extend the lawn area a couple of yards. The remaining area will have a membrane and pebbles put down on it.
    All of it work that will take time but which will leave us with a more low maintenance garden in due course.

    1. Thanks! I think that the colour and style are staying for a while. I'm more than happy with it and it's easy to maintain (though it is more work than simply an Alice Band and pony tail.

      I think that gardens can look amazing when people put lots of work into them. I just hate putting the work in! We thought about keeping a border and using a membrane to keep the weeds out, but it still meant more work than either of us want to put into it.

      The plus side is that without a border on each side of the garden it looks huge!!! I just want it to be done so I can play with the little guy out there!


  2. Hey, who's the fancy mum today? :-) The hair and the glasses really suit you. I think you look totally fab.

    The garden work sounds like a plan. I hope there'll be plenty of space for your wee man to scoot and then he can bump into the tubs, on his first go-cart. How long before you re-arrange them to make a track loop, I wonder?

    Keep rocking the 50s vibe and stay happy.

    L x

    1. Again, thanks! Glasses are such an investment that if they had not worked I would still be stuck with them for the next three years (like the length of the hair - the colour is simpler to change...)

      The grass is totally for the little guy (definitely not for the cost - tiles are cheaper than astro-turf!) and I can't wait to see what he uses it for - if he does like football (I hope not!) then I'm even prepared to put some little goals there for him... The cart track sounds fun too though!

      You too (the happy part, unless you want to join in the 50's vibe, in which case that too!)

  3. Love the new look but miss the hat...

    1. Thanks! The hat is still in the attic and will make another appearance at some point!